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Adolescent Epilepsy

  My 15 year old son had his first seizure in June of this year.  An EEG
  indicated that he has epilepsy, and his neurologist called it adolescent epilepsy.
  He indicated that after 3 0r 4 years on medication our son might no
  longer need medication.
  I have found great information about epilepsy in general but I have
  found nothing on adolescent epilepsy.  What can you tell me?  Is it
  possible that our son's rapid growth over the last year caused this
  Because my son was allergic to Dilantin, he is now on Carbotrol 300 Mg
  3 times a day.  We went up to three pills because he had another seizure
  two weeks ago.  
  Where are clinics that specialize in adolescent epilepsy?
I am unclear as to what exactly is meant by the term adolescent epilepsy, this
is not a strict diagnostic category and could include a number of types of
epilepsy seen in teens, these include juvenile absence epilepsy,
juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, and benign partial seizures of adolescence,
and benign focal epilepsy of childhood although your son sounds too old
for this one ( it does however "burn out " after a few years).I suspect
your neurologist was translating the more longwinded precise name for you
when he called it adolescent epilepsy. Since the course and prognosis of
each disorder is very different you need to find out the exact name of the
epileptic syndrome before you search further, this is why your search has
been unfruitful so far.
Please feel free to repost after you have obtained this information and we
would be glad to help.
The Cleveland Clinic has two full time specialized pediatric epileptologists
Dr Wyllie and Dr Kotagol,if you wish to seek an opinion here you can make an appointment without
referral by calling (216) 444 5559.
As regards the growth question this is not likely to be related to the onset of
any form of epilepsy, most adolescents go through very rapid growth spurts without developing epilepsy.
As you did not say
  Any information will be appreciated.

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