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Am I hooked on Hydrocode?

I had surgery on my neck and also my lower back. I do not know what these surgery's are called but my neck now has titanium with 10 screws in it. this was almost two years ago (will be two years in December). It felt okay for a few weeks and then the pain intensified.  Felt like someone beating me across my back and down my arms.  Then there is a feeling of someone burning me all over my front to my lower jaw bone, under my arm pits and then to my elbow's  on the inner side. I also experience the shakes.  I have gained some of my coordination back on my right side but not all so that is a plus.
My lower back they what I call breaking apart five vertebra's and putting replacement shavings of bone. My right side of my legs have not improved much. I do know it is getting harder to walk.  I should use my walker....but my mind is not ready for that. I do know I can not drive nor stand for very long.
My doctor is wanting me to stop the Hydrocode 10-325 mg.  I have been trying but actually the burning wins out every time I try to not take these. Then I only take one tablet.  He gives me a prescription of 100 tablets and Humana Pharmacy says that is a two week prescription.  This one should last me for another 15 days (providing no weather comes in).  The date today is 8/30/2017 I picked up my script 8/17/2017 and if I am lucky it should last until 9/13/2017. I am not just on Hydro, I also take Gabapentin 900mg four times a day along with Lyrica 100mg three times a day.  Hydro is for the break through pain. They think I am hooked on it (and hinted around of selling it) because my doctor that did the surgery told me that my family doc was suppose to start giving me Hydro.  When I went to my family doc I told him and he came in with another prescription (I just got  one from my surgery doc last week (this happened a year ago) I went to Walmart and filled it, I had no idea that this illegal. Heck the last time I had pain meds from a doctor was like 20 years ago. Anyways I don't feel I am hooked on them, just wanted some else's  opinion.
Oh and pain mangement methods would be appreciated. Or even a different pain med so I can suggest it.
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I should also ask if there is another pain/shake meds besides Gabapentin and Lyrica.  I need to be off of those completely in order for me to go back to work. I am a truck driver with many regulations. I have cancer ( sarcoma), when I was on Chemo ( Sutent ) I lost a lot of my control on my right side. The cancer doc checked to see if I had a stroke, clear on that.  He then took X-rays and saw that my neck and lower back was messed up.  He referred me,Neurosurgeon and he suggested the two surgery's.  I just wanted to go back to work, so I did them.  Now I need to be on these drugs. I just want to go back to work.  Any suggestions would be great...well except yoga.  I never really wanted to know what a pretzel feels like.
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