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Ammonia clorox inhalation

My symptoms include migraines, memory loss, word finding difficulties, inability to retain new info, unexplained facial swelling intermittently, occasional sores in mouth.
MRI shows scattered T2 hyperintensities in the subcortical. CADASIL was negative. Lymes negative, B12 fine. I've had autoimmune markers and ANA and ESR done. I have seen a top neurologist at MGH.
We are unable to secure a diagnosis. Meanwhile I am 47y/o and appear to be having dementia like symptoms....I contantly lose important things, I read a chapter and could not summarize it. I saw a movie for the second time a year or so later and could not remember the plot. I cannot process instructions. I was never thought to have ADHD but it feels like I do now.
I am wondering if I exposed myself to inhaling ammonia/clorox while cleaning and these symptoms are the longterm effects, two or three years later.
It has been suggested that I have neuropsych. testing done to pinpoint the memory and cognitive deficits but I am afraid of what I will find out. (MGH DR says it is not dementia)
Is anyone out there doing research on exposure to ammonia/clorox (many people must have made this mistake like I might have) so surely someone knows something.
Or any other ideas that might help?
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We had a live-in friend exchange cleaning for room and board.  She introduced us to Clorox Spray cleaner for our bathroom.  We thought it was wonderful and have used it for the last 2-3 years until we realized that it was triggering seizures for our oldest son.  Upon removal of the clorox spray cleaner our son went 10 months seizure free!   Just last month seizures started again - and we have learned the school is disinfecting in heightened frequencies to protect from infection of the Swine Flu.  We suspect a related reaction is occurring and have kept my son home.  So far he has been seizure free again.  So. . .yes we have seen adverse neurological effects due to cleaners (also pesticides) and other food additives (MSG - check out msgmyth.com and artificial sweetners aspartame and splenda).  Most are not this sensitive but we have found elimination of these items to make a huge difference.  If any others have similar experiences, it would be good to hear what you have learned as well.  I hope this helps!
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