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For the past year i have suffered anxiety for the past 6 months becoming constant.

The primary symptoms are abnormal nerve sensations throghout my entire body with enthesis on my face. these sensations include burning, pins and needles, pounding faster than heartbeat in forehead and shooting pain sensations from back of eyes and throat. Pins and needles far more painfull than normal and constant to face.

I constantly have twitches throughout body and mustle tremmors to legs and arms

At peak at night time i find sleep impossible till early hours of the morning 3am+ as the pain becomes impossible to deal with. I only ever manage sleep usually on a chair in a vertical position and nothing seems to help.

I have throat spasms that result in pain and saliva problems as well as a popping sound from throat and chest palpatations such as sharp pounding in chess or swelling as well as constant throbbing to hands.

I am as a result constantly tachicardic with an average heart rate between 120 - 130bpm

I was refered to cardiology initiallly with an all clear but since then i have more or less been fobed off. This has got to the point where from 9pm onwards the pain becomes unbearable. I was perscribed propranalol for two months that made the symptoms worse and after that i started taking Diclofenac with little effect if any.

When small amount of pressure applied to the chess in the throat reigion pain occurs and the heart beat feels as if it is spasming up the throat. At peak periods touch to the face feels as if it leaves an echo such as pins and needles or burning sensation.

The doctor doesn't want me started on any form of medication more serious such as sleeping tablets, mustle relaxitants or pain killers due to my age being 18 so i am expected to constantly suffer the sympoms.

Constant insomnia and facial pain is effecting my studies as a honours degree student and has resulted in me falling asleep once during class. This is not an on an off thing and effects me every day feeling as if it is getting worse and worse. And i become constantly only inches close to calling an ambulance knowing there is not much they can do.
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My question was any advice and could this be any more serious than anxiety?
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Forgot to mention, i also become dizzy when symptoms get bad with vision bending as well as high tone ringing in ears.
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If you look at some of the Anxiety postings you will see a lot of similar stories to yours.  

I too hope that what I'm suffering from is anxiety.  I have like you the tingling/pins & needles sensations in my hands and feet along with buzzing sensations and the muscle twitching you are talking about,  It seems worse in my calves, like popcorn is popping in them!  I too can't sleep throught the stress of what is wrong with me!  I have had blood tests which show a slighly Over Active Thyroid and nothing else and have seen one Neurologist who seems to think this is nothing to worry about.  When I'm at my worst anxious state I get pain in my chest and palpitations.
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I'm not convinced this is anxiety.  Have you had your thyroid checked?  I think you need an extensive work-up.  Anxiety doesn't last constantly like this.  On the other hand, if it is anxiety then it is treatable.  There is no reason you should have to live like this.  There are medications on the market to treat this.  I would get another doctor or another opinion.  Certain antidepressants treat anxiety.  You don't necessarily need pain pills.  I still am not convinced it's anxiety.  Doctors love to give people this diagnosis when they don't know what it wrong.  First off, I say get a new doctor.  I don't think your doctor is all that knowledgeable as he or she doesn't realize there are non-addicting medications to treat anxiety.   I would get an appt. with an internal medicine specialist for a full work-up.  If all comes back normal then I would see a doctor who specializes in anxiety like a psychologist or psychiatriast to see if indeed that is the correct diagnosis.
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An update. I have now had blood test over 15 times all showing up normal. Many ECG's, all showed up normal. Have not yet been refered to neuroligist.

Pain feels like it has got worse. Whereas for the past year i usually have managed to tolerate the pain. For the past two weeks I found myself visiting A&E three times. One time the chest pain got so bad i had to be given morphine.

Scince then i have been placed on 2x50mg tramadol four times a day. I no longer feel the pain but still experiance all the other symptoms. At some points the sensations produce discomfort worse than pain. Which tramadol does not treat. I feel thay have provided inappropriate medication. Tramadol only eliminates part of the problem and does not help with the causes.

I have been told the chest pain is most likely due to mustles pulling / abnormal nerve sensations or my heart pumping so fast. The vibrations from my voice also cause chest discomfort and my facial and neck mustle tone feels abnormally soft. Sensations change as i open my mouth and my lips vibrate when my mouth is open.

My nose and eyelid often twitch. when my eyes close. The eyelids spasm trying to forecefully shut further resulting in a small amount of discomfort but also makes it harder to sleep.

My doctor may refer me to a neuroligist pending results from my thyroid blod test. That was the one test missed previously but a paramedic that was called when symptoms got extreamly bad believes i have an anxiety disorder known as Da Costas Syndrome my previous GP feels it is Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Both mean you suffer symptoms for long periods of time rather than just on occasions. Da Costas syndrome is the most likely of anxiety disorders as this produces a fast heart beat constantly at peak.

I Was told that the Dizzines / hands throbing / and ringing in ears is all probably related to high and low blod pressure changes resulting from a fast heart rate.

My new GP said the symptoms do not accuratly describe any phisical disorder. When asking whether he believes it is anxiety he replied possibly. He also said that the sensations may simply be a result of high levels of Oxygen in blood from shortness of breath or overbreathing. I feel that the doctors i have spoken do not understand the gravity of the situation and believe that i am overstating the symptoms as they do not fit in to the anxiety catagory with my severity.

Any ideas on possible causes?
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So sorry for your hell. Stress could be the main culprit, and diet. Unfortunately I am experienced in this area. Meditation-before bed and upon waking. exercise helps a great deal as it releases endorphins in your body and it is "you" time. As for natural treatment - A glycerite tincture of Passionflower, Skullcap, and Valerian. Or just Passionflower in any form. Remove all forms of caffeine and SUGAR (very important). Drink oatstraw tea 3 times a day. Take magnesium supplement as it calms the nerves and muscles. Refer to the book, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" Balch.
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