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Anyone experience the removal of rods after spinal fusion?

My daughter was involved in a car accident in Jan 05, she was 15 years old at the time, she had her L4, L5 fused, and was told she would be fine after she healed.  However she has been experiencing back pain, and her legs will not go straight out when in a sitting position, the doctor says that her hamstrings are tight, and she needs to stretch them out.  She has been doing stretch exercises for 2 years now with no sign of improvements, the pain is getting worse and she is getting cortisone shots in her back every 3 weeks, until she is scheduled for surgery to have the rods removed. Now she is starting to experience pain after the injections, she is 18 years old and misses so much school due to pain, does anyone have any suggestions
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Well I don't know yet, but I will very soon. I shattered my back in oct 05 and had a spinal fusion. I got two screws in L4, two in L5 and two in S1, I also have two titanium rods connecting it all. After surgery I healed fairly quickly. I was doing laps around the hospital after 3 days, out in 6 and driving by the 9h day. I did 2 months of physical therapy and it didn't seem to help. I was actually deteriorating. It felt like my back was a very tight spring and i would be stuck in an arched over position for hours at a time until it loosened. I went back to my dr and he told me the hardware looks perfect. He sent me to a pain management dr to get a series of epidurals which didnt help at all. I am now living on oxycodone which I don't like. I was a police officer and as long as i'm on painkillers, i can't go back. But I can't go off the painkillers because then I won't be able to move. I finally saw a neurosurgeon, supposedly the best, but they always say that. He told me that my back has rejected the rods. It's very rare he says but it does happen. He said that the drs who say that the rods can't come out are wrong. I'm currently doing pre surgery testing. I'm probably going to have the procedure in about 2 months. However, and this is just my opinion. if he's wrong about this, i'll probably be making friends with a wheelchair fairly soon. But it's better than what I have now, which I can roughly describe as someone constantly punching you in the back 24/7. Sadly, all this and i'm just 28. I feel for your daughter, i really do.
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Both your daughter and db1278 have had their rods in  longer then me but you both descirbe the same pain level i am at. In March of 2008 i was in the passenger seat when the vehicle i was in hit a large pole at 100km/h. My L5 vertabrae burst on impact as well as many other injuries. I went in for a back surgery once a was stable a week after the accident and they placed 2 titanium rods and six screws between L4 and S1 just like db1278 described. Its been a year now and ive been i constant pain ever since. I am 18 and have not been able to do a thing for a year but try and manage pain while attending reguar physio. Fortunately my doctor did make the decision to remove the hardware on May 5 so i will be able to let you know soon if the removal is for the better or worse. Good luck to you both!
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My situation is very close to yours. I also had a car accident in July 04. I fractured C2, T7, and L2. I also crushed my pelvis, fractured my Right shoulder and fractured my Left ring finger. I'm very fortunate to be here today. I have pins and plates in my neck, nothing to T7 and I have been fused 2 above and 2 below L2. As of today, the pain is above and below my rod placement. I am consulting my neurosurgeon and we contemplating the removal of the hardware. He is consulting one of his colleagues. I am very interested in how you do with this procedure.
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Hi my husband had an anterior fusion surgery about 5 years ago.  People told him if he had the surgery that he would feel better but it got worst he cant bend over every single day their is pain, he take vicodin but it does work at all he gets very depressed because of his situation.  The doctor told him that he had an option of removing the rods, that he does guarateed he will get better but that it was a possibility.  Has anyone had a spinal rod remove. please email me at ***@**** thank you
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i have had spinal surgery three years ago and have had nothing but more and more pain , i live on pain killers now and when i do too much during the day or walk too much the area around the scar gets swollen and the pain goes into my hip and leg.  the doc thinks i may have to have the hardware taken out.  has anyone had this surgery and has it helped?

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I had spinal surgery two years ago, I had it because I had serious back pain and ciatic nerve pain in my right leg.  The pain in my back and leg has dissappeared since I had the operation.  I hated like hell to take the painkillers, the pain management had me on Avinza (which is a derivative of Morphine), and fentinal patches (which is Morphine patches).  I went through serious withdrawal symptoms from the Morphine, (vomiting serious neaseau) for weeks on end til I was weened offa the painkillers at my pain management clinic.  I am not a fan of opiates either, cause you will definetely go through withdrawal symptoms from them!!  Believe me, it's like being in hell, going through the withdrawal from the painkillers.  If anyone knows if I can have these titanium rods removed from my spine in time, please let me know.  I heard the spine fuses together in time and you can have the rods removed. I don't know if this is ruight though.  My email address is ***@****. Email me if you have any answers to my question.  I will be waiting patiently for an answer.  I hope I helped someone with this information I have provided.  Now, someone please help me with an answer to my question.
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I'am having my T8 - S2 instrumentation  taken out Jan 20 - I never have heard of removal and what about the integrity of the back - flopping around...  Surgery was done 16 months ago and having costant pain along paraspinous muscle - irritation.  Sure hope it works !
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I had anterior/posterior fusion surgery from P1 to L4 in 2006. Cold weather definitely makes my pain worse. But, I am horseback riding again and working. We have a tenant who also had the same surgery I did, but many years prior to mine. A few years ago he had all the hardware removed and does feel much better. However, after the fusion he damaged his back again doing heavy lifting that he shouldn't have done in the first place, and also has hip damage. He is no longer working and is on permanent disability.
For the first year after my surgery I thought I had made a huge mistake and suffered major depression. I currently take 2 to 3 vicodin a day, alternating with ibuprofen. I am just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially now that I am able to horseback ride again. I do have less pain riding now than I did prior to the surgery. And, I'm finally starting to lose the weight I gained after the surgery. I'm 56 years old and have had serious back problems from my early 20's. Can't remember what it was like without back pain. I have 2 rods and 16 screws, and my surgery was about 14 hours.
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I need dental implants and was looking up allergys to them on here when I came across these posts. I hope this helps...
I had scoliosis spinal fusion in 1991 with two metal rods and various hooks placed on each side of my spine. Most of the spine was fused. I believe only the last bottom two are not.I started to feel like they were pushing out toward my skin and the doctor agreed to remove them in 1997. They had indeed gotten close to my skin and were irritating my shoulder blades. They also had a lot of bone fusion around them and the surgeon had to cut them out in small peices.
I have had NO problems since. Something the surgeon told me made a lot of sense- the rods are placed there to help stabalize and make the spine fuse. Once fusion occurs there is no need for the rods. The spine bone is strongly fused. Usually the rods aren't taken out because it would be another surgery so they are left in. However if there is a reason to take them out they no longer serve the purpose of stabalizing the spine to fuse. Spine's already fused. It's strong! Of course I had this fusion for several years before the rods were removed and it was clear the bone was done fusing. I would say if you've had the rods in for a while there should be no problem.  Again I'm not a doctor but my doctor did explain to me the uselessness of the rods once they have served their purpose.
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After 16 years of severe localized back pain directly above my Harrington rods.  I finally found a doctor willing to remove my Harrington Rods.  Two days after the surgery, I felt the primary pain gone.  However, 1 ½ months later I have lots of pain from inactive muscles, but feel better every day!  I wish a doctor would have listened to my request 15 years ago!  My lesson, know your body and don’t stop even if three doctors say it’s expensive, not necessary or temporary pain.  I lived with pain for too many years, I stopped skiing and biking and almost all activity from pain experienced in fighting the rods mobility issue.  Hopefully, next seasons snowfall matches this year?  Two weeks after surgery, I road my hand bike and knew how much motion range (30%) and free movement was gained from the lack of big metal doctor sticks with spine clinching hooks in my back.  
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if i wanted to have my rods and  pins removed after spinal fusion could i.... I just wana bend again its only been about a month but i need them out if someone knows anything call me at 8164610166 ask for cody please help me
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i had my back fused together when i was 35 am now 51 and still have my rods i dont want to take them out because its a long surgery and a lot of downtime. it took 6 hours to put in dr told me it would take as long to take out. i hope i never have to have out, yes i have lots back ackes and headackes and shoulder pain but not sure its from the rods. think i rather keep the rods than go throught a major surgery. glad ya feel better after out.  how long was the surgery. did they take bone from hip and put with rods to hold it . i have all that.
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