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Anyone had success finding a doctor that helped with injuries after a EMG?

I had a EMG at the Salt Lake VA in February 2020. During the test the doctor hit my elbow bone in my left arm with the needle. The pain was so intense I pasted out and was sent to the emergency room. I awoke about 40 minutes later approximately. I was sent home after the doctors notified my daughter and she picked me up. The past several months my elbow joint pain and burning has progressively gotten worse to the point now it is difficult when I bend or twist my arm. Has anyone had a doctor that actually treated this type of injury after an EMG???
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Mine was absolutely awfull. Electrical shocks felt like I was getting electrocuted.

I’m on the small side 52 kg ( 114 pounds) and 1m59 (5,2 feet) and my guess is that the doctor used too high of a voltage.

The doctor had problems with the machine and was very frustrated and in a bad mood.
He kept zapping me in each point 10 times really hard.

The needle was thick / long and the doctor pushed it in really hard and deep. He was constantly stirring it when it was in my muscle.

I have been through alot in my life. But this test was a really traumatic experience.

Before I got the tests my symptoms where all gone in hands and feet. I actually went for tingling in the left side of my face. But since they couldn’t test that, they decided to test my left leg and arm.

After the tests everything is 100x than before. Pins and needles in legs, feet, arms and hands even in places I never had them before.
I feel like the electrical shocks did the most damage. All the spots where these were applied to hurt really bad. (Left knee (back), inside of the elbow, my wrist and my foot)
Since the tests I’m also having migraines.
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Well that's unfortunate.  I guess you may have a peripheral nerve injury?  Why were you having the EMG?  EMG actually diagnoses peripheral nerve injuries or is at least one of the ways they diagnose that.  What kind of doctor ordered the EMG, what was it for and what did the office that performed it say after the injury?  Burning, tingling, etc. does sound like nerve injury.  I've read that nerves heal slowly and it can take several months.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/peripheral-nerve-injuries/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20355632
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