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Arm Heaviness

I am a 36 year old female. I have recently been experiencing heaviness in my left arm. At times my hand does not seem that it's "working" right. Along with this, I have light headiness at times as well as tingling in my left cheekbone and the back of my head with some pressure behind my eye. All on the left side. I went to the ER and they took a CT scan of my head, a chest xray and blood work I guess to make sure I wasn't having a stroke/heart attack and found nothing. Any ideas?
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If I were you I would Insist on an MRI if at all possible.
I have such symptoms - and have MS. I cant trust my right arm/hand - and sometimes the whole right side of my body.

Im not sure if you are in the US or Canada but really good drs are hard to find (from my experience) and typically I can get a good feel from the first impression or meeting.

Dont give up - your symptoms could get even worse and spread - Insist, stomp your feet, cry -  and demand further investigation. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Scary as it sounds I diagnosed myself as having MS before I even had an MRI by using the internet. It was a 'lucky guess' I suppose but forums and chat groups like this help so much.

Just Dont give up even if your tests come back 'normal'.
I deal with that on a regular basis when my MS flares (ie: I cant see with both eyes working together as a 'team' but I can see out of one - but only if one is patched (and of course reading an eye chart required you to cover one eye   ----- BUT my report in my chart says vision is 20/20 - Im 'complaining of issues' but All is Normal - will review in 12 months - duh! I want help NOW -  

Keep on digging! The net is a great way to get good info. Write a list of possible causes/illnesses and go through them with your dr (some others may totally disagree) A CT or MRI should show something hopefully.
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