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Arms/Hand Weak + Trembling/Tremors after using various lawn equipment

I wasn't sure where to post this question as it fits a few categories I suppose. Let me start by saying that I do generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and health anxiety that I have dealt with for essentially half of my life now.

38/m, relatively healthy, though overweight some and out of shape some. No drinking, drugs, or significant health issues. BP good, etc. I am not superman, but not weak either.

For many years I have had this issue and always worried about it, though I tried not to as I attributed it to my health anxiety and that it was a fairly normal occurrence, but I am not sure. It hasn't gotten any worse over the years, but always happens and always causes somewhat high anxiety.

So, whenever I do landscaping around my house, specifically using say a weedeater or leaf blower (but not so much when I use the push mower, which I assume is because I am using both hands), from the time I stop and for at least a couple of hours, my forearm and hand are very weak and shaky or trembling. I can barely raise a glass of water to drink it and the longer I hold it there the worse the trembling gets. Again, it always goes away after some time and doesn't really tremble at rest (though I do get a general "weak" feeling with it at rest).

The same thing kinda happens to my lower legs and feet (tingling, weak feeling) after mowing with the riding mower.

I guess what prompted this is that the other day I just got a new electric leaf blower and used it for maybe 15 minutes and my arm had these same symptoms quite strongly for a couple hours afterward. So for 15 minutes use, 2 hours of problems which seems weird to me.

I have read this is "normal" for most people who don't work out regularly and has something to do with stabilizing muscles? Is this true?

My biggest concern and what causes the most anxiety, besides the general unease at being unable to use my arm for a period of time, is that my grandfather has MS and has had for many years and of course, being an anxiety/health anxiety sufferer this has always been a concern of mine.

Any thoughts?
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Same here. 38/m. Same exact health story. Also got an electric leaf blower today and same issue after 15 mins. I also suffer from health anxiety. Did you ever find out about this?
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25/M here. Exact same symptoms, any form of unusual exercise leaves me shaking like a leaf for a good 20 minutes afterward. Even though i spend a lot of time at the gym and would be considered "in shape" otherwise. No one's been able to help me and it's actually the first time i've seen my symptoms described so accurately. If anyone knows what it is i would be forever grateful.
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