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B12 Deficiency

I am 32 years old and I have been diagnosed with B12 deficiency and neuropathy. I have been taking B12 shots for 7 months and my symptons are not getting any better. I am having pain in my legs and I have difficulty walking - my legs feel really heavy and weak. The initial onset was 5 years ago. I have had every test that you can think of and they have all been clear, including MRI and spinal tap. I seem to go into remission and then it comes back, this time even worse. I have seen several neurologist and I can't seem to get any help. My sister who is 6 years older than me also has the same issues. Can anyone recommend a doctor that specializes in B12 deficiency? Thanks
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hate to ask but does alz run in the family very inportant to keep b-12 in your body , my mom has alz and thats one of the things she cant hold is her b-12 she also gets shots for it but dont seem to work on her either.
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Hi. Last year I  had a similar problem with my B Vitamins. After a few months receiving B Vitamim injections and not feeling any better,my dr. ordered some more in depth blood tests.
The result was that I was deficient in Folate, folic acid.
I was put on the tablet form for 8 months,( cant remember the dose) and began to feel better within weeks. I had also developed Neuropathy as a result of the lack of folate. This,did take a bit longer to fix.I now take folic acid, 5mgs, 1  month on, one month off.
Something, maybe to consider? Cath278.
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Any good neurologist should be able to help you with a b12 deficiency causing neuropathy.
I have low b12 levels also and get b12 shots for neuropathy due to CIDP.  I don't think they help at all and personally don't think my CIDP is B12 related but continue with the shots anyway.
Have you had a nerve biopsy?  Could your neuropathy be due to something other then your b12 levels?  
Perhaps you can discuss IVIG infusions wwith your doctor.  
I wish you good fortune.
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