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Back/stomach pain in toddler

My 3 yr old granddaughter was complaining of a stomach ache. She had a fever and after it continued was taken to the ER. They did a urinalysis & said she had hematuria and to see a pediatrician. The next night she woke up several times during the night crying that she had a backache. She has an appt with the pediatrician on Friday but I'm worried something is going on that should be checked out before then.
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I'm sorry your granddaughter has to wait so long to see her doc.  She most likely has a kidney infection, which can come from the bloodstream as in flu, or is a result of a urinary tract infection from pool water, or possibly losing her balance and bumping her back where the kidneys are.  I think, tho, since she had a fever, it's most likely a kidney infection.  The docs at the ER would have noticed, by the way, if she had a bruising on her back, so I do not think she has ruptured her kidneys or anything.  They are located on either side of the spine, just above the waistline, you can actually feel them as raised places, one just a little higher than the other.  

Her doc will ask some lifestyle questions, he'll want to give the correct antibiotics to clear it up.  He will also want to make sure the infection she may have gotten from the bloodstream isn't necessarily anything too unusual, so he may want to draw blood and send it to the labs, in case she has something like strep throat or whatever, with the kidney infection secondary to that.
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If she has this it sounds and feels what I get when I have a blockage in the boules. My theisis does not move threw the intestines. Giving me belly as well as if I have a kidney infection, It is painfull.

She is 3 which is a good age to use Colon Clean. This is for me a wonder drug. Pure homeopathic remedy. It helps move the stools throughout the intestines. She will need to drink plenty of water. I had a sharp jabbing around the kidney area and yet when I had my urine tested it came back negative. No infection. I was releived to hear it but the back pain around the kidney area persisted until I used the colon clean which cleaned out my system. What a relief that was.

Good luck. xx
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But she had blood in her urine, THREEWHEEL.  LISA, please wait until you see the doc on Friday before doing anything like a colon cleanse.
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I appreciate all the advice but would def not do a cleanse on a 3 yr old without a dr's order. For myself, that would be different. She feels fine now but she still has her appt with the pediatrician. Thanks everyone.
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