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Balance/eye problems (still)

  Dear Sirs/Madams,
  I have written before and I have had great responses from you, I
  appreciated that a lot. I doubt you remember individual posts so
  I will re-write my symptoms. The main reason I am writing again
  is because since yesterday it has got a lot worse and because
  of the time of year I am unsure if it is serious enough to make
  an urgent appointment seeing as I see my doctors monthly.
  My main problems are my balance and eyesight. The defect with
  my balance is that I always feel like I am walking on a ship
  or uneven surface. It has got a lot worse since yesterday and I
  am very worried about it. I can hardly walk now, I feel like I
  have some kind of extra weight on my feet and head, like a
  magnetic force pulling my head in different directions. The best
  way I can describe my walking is like on a ship, totally strange.
  It worries me because I have had this for 12 months now but all
  of a sudden it has got worse, and I do not know why.
  My eyesight is what I can best describe as having fuzz and microscopic
  black and white dots in front of my eyes, all floating about. I can
  see shadows too. Looking to the sky or plain walls is terrible and
  fuzzy. If I look out of a window I see lots of white lines shooting
  all about the place, more when I stare.
  The other symptoms are headaches and fatigue and rashes. One thing
  I mean to ask is that I had a dental x-ray and it showed my eye tooth
  was lodged above one of my baby teeth, it is in the gum and unseen.
  I asked the dentist if this could be the reason for my symptoms but
  he said it is a very slight chance. Now seeing as that wasn't a "no"
  I was wondering if any of your staff can elaborate on if this could
  be causing it or not ? I will give more details if required.
  These are the doctors I have seen are : GP's, 2 Neurologists,
  a Psychologist, a Pyschiatrist, Optician, and a Dentist.
  My first Neurologist sent me for a MRI and I got the results back
  as "all clear". I went to see a second neurologist last month and
  he has put me down for another scan which will be in June, as I
  have no more money to pay for one so I have to wait on the list.
  This will equal a whole year after my first scan. This neurologist
  "thinks" it might be a middle/inner ear problem BUT he isn't sure
  as he said there wasn't much to go on.
  I have been given Serc and Stemetil, none have had any
  effects even through using them long time. Serc is not
  helping my current serious balance problems either.
  I have now finished seeing my Pyschiatrist on his doing,
  he said there is no reason for me to see him anymore,
  leading me to think it is not a mental problem. The only doctor
  I am now seeing regulary is my Pyschologist.
  As you can tell I am worried and depressed at the moment, I
  have had 12 months of not knowing what I have and horrible
  symptoms, sometimes I feel I can't carry on like this. I know
  you have heard it all before and I know there are many people
  worse off so I should feel lucky to some extent but it is hard
  to feel like that when I feel like this. If you could just
  give me any info or help then I would be so grateful, I am
  very much alone with this, except the help from my doctors,
  I don't really have any one else to talk about it to or with.
  In case you were wondering......I am 20 and live in the U.K.
  This started in January 1998 by a sudden feeling of my head
  meeting the ground, meaning that I felt I was shooting downwards
  when of course I was not actually even moving. Ever since that
  "attack" I have been like the above.
  I will understand if you can not answer, you have answered all
  my ones before I appreciate that so much, and I am sorry for
  writing again.
  I hope you all have a excellent Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)
  With thanks and regards,
Thanks for the question Jon and sorry about the delay but I think part of the problem is I'm not sure how much we have to offer from what has been said before. As for any patient we are not an emergency diagnosing interaction and if a patient thinks then need to make a medical decision then then need to contact there doctor and not wait for a reply from us. I'm not sure how the dental problem could be the cause of your current symptoms. If you have symptoms in both eyes then nothing pushing against your optic apparatus could be causing your symptoms. If you have never seen a neuro-ophtholmologist then you should seek one out to make sure you are not having a primary ocular problem. The fact that your previous MRI was normal is encouraging but I still understand your concerns about the up coming scan. I'm not sure if they have otoneurologist in the UK (neurologist trained in ENT) but that would be another direction. I wish I could give you more direction but hang in there.
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