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Behavioral problems in child with Petit Mal seizures

My grandson, 10 yrs, has had atypical petit mal seizures since he was 2 or 3 yrs old.  His father saw a doctor a few years ago and he was put on a seizure medication.  About 1-1/2 yrs ago he was suddenly taken off of them because they had never "seen one".  The seizures were only witnessed by his mother, siblings and me when he was living with his mother.  They seemed to happen more when he was tired and we were in the room with him.

He comes from a horribly dysfunctional family life, with parents who fight and step-brothers & sisters in both homes.  He goes back and forth, but I know that it's hard for him to be used as a pawn.  I mention this to emphasize the stress that he lives with on a constant basis.  His behavior has become more and more unacceptable, with the latest incident at school (bullying a child, kicking him and getting friends to go along), resulting in his suspension from school (4th grade) for 2 days.

Do you think there is any possibility that his seizures and behavior may be related?  Any thoughts on the matter?

Thanks very much.

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Hi there.

It is indeed very hard to attribute the behavioral problems to the seizure episodes, not unless the frontal lobe of the brain is involved.  The EEG findings would help us with this since this would tell us the possible areas of the brain involved in the seizure.  If there are frontal lobe problems, then this may explain part of the behavioral problems but not entirely.  The child's environment and psychosocial support also have a great impact in the child's behavior.  A concomitant ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can also be present, and this should be evaluated and treated by a developmental pediatrician.  I hope these information help.  

Regards to you and your grandson... God bless.
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Thanks for your take on this.  If only parents would care for the children first and foremost things would always be better for the kids.  My daughter is going to court soon to see if she can get more custody time with the children (she's been clean and sober for 10 months now).  She would have the necessary medical tests done.  

If anyone else has any ideas, please don't hesitate to chime in.  Stories of other children with these behavioral problems, please share them.
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