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Benign Fasciculations

  Three years ago, I was diagnosed through a nerve conduction study and EMG
  with benign fasciculation sydrome.  Symptoms of fasciculations, muscle
  vibrations, tremors, and stiffness started to occur after a bout of flu
  or virus symptoms involving severe headaches and vomiting for one week.
  My doctor was worried at the time of an anerism and sent me for a negative
  MRI.  Shortly after, I developed the symptoms.
  Currently, my fasciculations are profuse, all over my body.  They are fast
  at times and stop.  Sometimes, slow and rythmic.  I can always feel them.
  I had a second EMG with a leading neuro two years after the first (last
  year).  Once again, it was negative along with a negative NCS.
  Since then, I feel trouble breathing, but then recover.  It waxes and wanes.
  In addition, my hands and feet are atrophying a bit, but my wife thinks I'm crazy.
  The last neuro recommended a psychologist because I'm convinced that I
  have ALS and mimic all of the symptoms.
  Can I be assured of a benign condition after three years and negative EMG's
  with major twiching and perceived symptoms of ALS??  
I definitely think you can be assured that you do not have ALS. ALS is a
steadily progressive disease which over the time span you have described would
have progressed to inability to walk,talk,swallow or breath without help.
ALS would absolutely not be possible if you have had two negative EMG's
spread over this time period.
The fluctuating breathing problem is totally uncharacteristic of ALS which is
steadily progressive, it is however very typical of anxiety.
I think you do have a real problem, you have a benign condition which share
s some characteristic with a very serious dieease and you are letting this
benign problem ruin your life through unnecessary worry and stress.
The fact that you have this subjective problem with breathing and think
you have atrophy strongly suggests this to me.
My advice to you is that having avoided the major disease you should not
let a relatively  benign disease take over your life, you should see a
psychologist in order to learn to deal with stress and get on with life
putting this fear behind you.

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