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Benign fasciculation syndrome

I have had BFS for about 2 yrs now and have tried many remedies on my own as well as valium. It is primarily in my calves and ankle area. I have recently started meditation and plan on trying cranio sacral therapy. Although I realize that these are not traditional treatments, I am at my wits end and refuse to take seizure meds, sedatives or dopamine meds. Has anyone heard of these therapies being helpful. Since I know that bfs is really overexcitability of my nervous system, I'm hoping these treatments will calm my nervous system down. My calf muscles have had it. If only doctors knew the reason we get this syndrome, then we could work on that.  Thanks, Dre'

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Hello Dear,
Some degree of control of the fasciculations may be achieved with beta-blockers and anti-seizure drugs. The most effective approach to treatment is to treat any accompanying anxiety.    
Meditation will help you increase your confidence. No drugs, supplements, or other treatments have been found that completely control the symptoms. The severity of BFS symptoms can be significantly reduced through a proactive approach to decrease the overall daily stress. Common ways to reduce stress include: exercising more, sleeping more, working less and eliminating all forms of dietary caffeine (e.g. coffee, chocolate, cola, and certain over-the counter medications.
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Craniosacral therapy like you mentioned is an alternative medicine. This therapy is known to relieve nerve passages by gently working with the spine.
Upledger institute a health care center located in Florida is dedicated to training in craniosacral therapy. I feel you can try it out. Good luck!

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Thank you so much, I've already spoken with a therapist that trained at the Upledger institute and will be scheduling an appointment soon.
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    I have text book BFS, I have heard Yoga is very good for BFS, very relaxing, as well as stretching your muscles.  I have had EMG's and Blood work done, and everything came back fine.  I damaged myself cross training, complimented by serious stress in my life currently.  I cross trained to relieve the stress, and look what I did!  Anyway, yoga is the way to go.  

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