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Benign fasciculations, I hope.

I'm a 28 year old male with persistent twitching that has lasted about 18 months.  About a year ago I saw a neurologist that diagnosed me with benign fasciculations after NCS, EMG, and MRI.  Since then, they have continued most commonly in my upper eyelids of both eyes, arches of my  feet and in my hands although I do get them in every muscle that I can think of.  Recently, I can start them in my left hand with any contraction at all or in my eyelids by sneezing/coughing/yawning.  Also, when I'm in bed I notice them in muscles of my back and abdomen after I roll over.  I have also noticed that my speech seems sloppy lately although no one else seems to notice me slurring my words or anything.  I had another neuro exam one month ago and was told there was no reason to repeat the EMG because I had no noticeable weakness, atrophy, or fasciculation.  Two weeks ago I had a laryngoscopy for reflux that showed arytenoid movement asymmetry but no vocal cord paralysis.  I am, of course, very aware of these symptoms and very anxious about the possibility that they could be something serious.  I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto's almost a year ago and am being treated with levoxyl and my TSH is 2.2 down from 5.0.  I am just really concerned about the twitching and wondering if I should seek another opinion or EMG.
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Fasciculations in the absence of muscle weakness or wasting are unlikely to be due to ALS. They can also be caused by pinched nerves, exercise, cold, certain medication, rare viruses like Polio, and also an overactive thyriod gland. Make sure you are not on too much levoxyl. Widespread fasciculations are more likly to be benign.

You do not need an EMG unless you develop some permament muscle weakness or wasting or a fixed sensory disturbance.
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It is interesting that you mention Lyme disease.  A couple of days after I posted my question I noticed a rash on my thigh that started all red and is now clearing in the middle.  Thinking back, I've had similar rashes over the last two years but never thought too much about them.  I've also had knee pain, neck stiffness(beyond just a siff neck), ankle pain, and a bunch of other symptoms over the last couple of years consistent with Lyme.  I was wondering if anyone knows how common it is to have a recurring rash with Lyme disease.  If anyone can recommend a Lyme dr. in MN, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks for your time and comments.  Good luck to all of you with whatever brings you here.
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OK, I think I am dying, no, that may just be my anxiety talking.  For the last month, I have been consumed with fasciculations throughout my whole body.  What the hell is going on....  I am not a physisian nor do I try to mimic one, but this has consumed my every waking thought for the last month.  I have parkinsons, no, I have ALS, terets (probably mispelled) or it my be some kind of neurological disorder.  Anyway, I have been twitching everywhere from my by arms, hands, finger, neck, eye, leg, foot, and to my toes.  I am 29 yrs. old and otherwise healthy as an ox.  Although, I do have a bad case of anxiety, and have been suffering from anxiety attacks on and off for about 10 years.  I have just recently called it quits with the anxiety bs and went to go see my doc about it.  She placed my on Zoloft and now this twitching has started.  I started taking Zoloft for a little over a month...sound like a coincidience!  Anyway, I am curious if these muscle spasms or twitches, are due to either anxiety or Zoloft.  My wife tells my I am psychotic because I recently thought I was dying of heart disease....long story...in short, I was diagnosed with bradycardia....turned out to not be a big deal after seeing a cardioligist and running through a battery of testing.  Turns out that I just had a healthy heart.  To say the least, the whole heart thing placed a tremendous amount of stress on me until the results proved in my favor.  I have now confirmed and diagnosed myself with hypochondria.  Can someone help me with this twitching **** before I drive myself insane.  Thanks to all out there for listening and taking the time to read this comment.
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I was dx with lyme back in Novemeber 05 not sure when i was infected never had a rash, my first symprom was horrible headaches.. I have been on oral abx for 4mos and and iv rocephin for the past three months,total of 7mos Ive completed my treatment, Im seeing an excellent phys. who has treated over 5,000 people with lyme, he has also wrote several articles.  The only symptom i cant seem to resolve is the fasiculations mostly to my feet i have no muscle weakness I try to walk one mile a day, my phys said this could just be a residual symtpom and im lucky to have just that... I am now taking another drug forget the name which helps rid the body of any toxins, and assist with repair of dna damage?.I have tried mag supplements not sure what else to do any suggestins, MRI of brain neck and back in april was negative, I am a nurse so im very nervous and read ino everything!!...I have a two yr old, and also would like to have another child, i am giving my body a rest for the next 6-8mos, and once i do get pregnant my phys told me he would place me on oral antibotics for the first trimester...please provided any feedback you may have thanks!!!
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ALS, BFS, MS, ....  I experienced about 3 months of fasciculations, mainly my hands, arms, feet and legs, with occassional trunk and facial involvement.  I was going to die.  I kept testing my strength every day for signs of weakness.  My mind was wrapped around the illness and my fate.  I feared seeing a neurologist because I couldn't stand to hear the words spoken to me.  After a couple of months of driving my family insane, I made the appointment.  By the time I actually saw the neurologist, my fasciculations had faded to occassional, sporadic episodes, and I wasn't able to present him any visual fun.  Because my strength was still good, and the onset was so sudden and dispersed, he didn't feel the need to do any neuro conduction testing.  I still get occasional episodes of slight twitching, but no longer fear it.

Strangely, looking back, I realized I had started taking Zoloft about a month prior to these symptoms.  I had started the Zoloft due to a drawn out anxiety attack where I thought I was going meet imminent death.  I was wigged out, calling my wife, my friends, and my first appointment with a psychiatrist.  The first psychiatrist believed I had depression.  My current one has been treating me primarily for anxiety.  I know I've always been somewhat "focused" on various aches, pains, etc., but as I've grown older, and took on responsibilities of family and mortgage in a difficult era, my mind has developed a hair trigger for panic attacks and general anxious episodes.  I once completely believed I was having a heart attack.  I even had the paramedics worried.  But after the ambulance ride and time in the emergency room with a doctor who had the amazingly free time to talk with me, I calmed down.  My own anxiety massivly increased my BP and heart rate, altered my breathing and caused chest tightness and sense of impending doom.  Later cardiac tests proved my heart fine.  

So for many of you out there, yes, you may have a terrible disease like ALS or suffer from Lyme disease, but you may also suffer from some form of anxiety that can literally do the strangest things to your body.  I apologize for the soap box, but I've been through many discussion groups because of my many "health" concerns, and most people do not have the dreaded "XYZ" disease.  In prior times, I would respond to this by thinking, "most people, well I might be one of the exceptions", and continue my cycle of worry and inner consumption.  The worry and focused self indulgence only make matters worse, in either case.  I know it is easier said than done, but I hope that for all of you, one day you will emotionally take the other approach; assume you don't have the dreaded "XYZ" disease, but still be responsible and proactive about following up with doctors to prove yourself right.

Wishing the best for you all!
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