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Bilateral Median Nerve Neuropathy

  I am a 21 year old female who has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel.  I have all the symptoms (numbness, tingling, pain, loss of strength, night pain, etc.) I have had both of my hands operated on and the has been no improvement. I am having problems trying to get answers from anyone. I have been to a hand surgeon and have had 2 emg/ncv tests done.  Originally before all the specialists my PCP said I had bilateral median nerve neuropathy.  I don't know exactly what it is or if I have it. I am unable to find any information on this. My 2 questions are what is bilateral median nerve neuropathy and because I had to wait 8 months for worker's compensation to apppove my surgeries is it possible the damage done is permanent?
What your doctor is referring to when he says you have bilateral median neuropathy is a problem with the median nerve. This is the nerve involved with carpal tunnel syndrome. I assume your doctor then was referring to the facts that you had CTS. You can, however, have problems with your median nerve that are not CTS but in your case that would be unlikely. I'm not sure what to tell you at this time other than to seek a second opinion. A high quality EMG like that done at CCF could help answer the question as to residule nerve damage. If you would like a referral to CCF call 216 444 5559.
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