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Blue flashes of light in vision

Seeing Blue Flashes of Light

Hi! I am a 33 year old female. I keep seeing these bright blue specks of light that flash then disappear instantly. They almost look neon or LED. They are the size of little dots or pinpricks. It’s driving me crazy! They come and go super quickly, and are almost always in my peripheral vision.

I had a baby in December and am still breastfeeding. I do suffer from migraines and had migraines with aura during my pregnancy but these aren’t similar and don’t seem related to my migraines. Most of the blue flashes happen in the dark or in dim light, but occasionally I’ll see them in a regularly lit room too.

I went to the optometrist for an eye exam and she also did a scan of my retinas and said my eyes were dry, but otherwise healthy. She seemed to think the blue lights could be hormones from pregnancy/nursing. I just didn’t have these during pregnancy so I’m not sure if that’s it. I had an MRI in August while I was pregnant due to increased Migraine aura and it was clear.

I am nearsighted and have a history of floaters, but I usually see them outside or in super bright light. These blue dots are completely different.

I work on the computer a lot for my job, and I’m on my phone a lot as well. I also got in the habit of using my phone in a dark room (rocking my daughter to sleep) which I know is horrible, I do have a blue light blocker screen protector, but I know it’s still bad for you.

Any ideas what this could be? I plan to see my doctor, but wondering if I should see a neurologist as well?
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I do not have an answer for you but wanted to say I know exactly what you see and have been seeing these pinprick blue flashes too. I am in the process of getting an appointment with a neurologist as my eye exams have also been clear. I've been experincing it for 3 years now but have noticed more ice pick headaches lately which is raising a concern for me. I hope you find an aswer and would love to know what you found out if so!  
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