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Bone spurs, cervical area

  I've got bone spurs in the cervical area as identified by std. x-ray and the family practice physician.  Symptoms: left shoulder pain that radiates down the arm (over the forearm) and to the wrist. Physical therapy , six sessions, helped but normallacy has not returned. What are my options, to include the pros & cons of surgery?
Dear Mr. Leube:
Before the idea of surgery can be entertained, you must first undergo an
MRI scan of your neck to verify what is causing your problems.
Once an MRI is done then you must see a neurosurgeon who will recommend the
right procedure for the exact problem that you may have. As you may or may
not know, there are many surgical options for neck problems and it
is important to make sure that all the necessary studies are done before
a decision on surgery is made.
Good Luck!

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