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Bottom Lip Numbness, Head/Neck Injury, Possible Stroke Risk?

  Dear Neurology Forum,
  First off I want to thank you for offering this service, I have spent
  much time here, it is very informative in reading your answers to
  other peoples posts, etc. I have looked for something similiar to my
  problem, but have not found any current or archived information that
  "seemed" to address my concerns, so here is my situation with my
  questions.  I imagine it is a fulltime job/+ keeping up with all the
  questions your site responds to. Thank you again for all your hard work!:)
  Here are some symptoms I am concerned about, and just want an opinion if
  it is a valid concern, and something I should seek medical attention for.
  I have had ongoing problems since being rear ended in auto-accident while
  at a complete stop in March of this year.  I have been in doctor limbo
  hell, and have recently moved to another state and have been between
  medical and/ or physical therapy treatments and my symptoms have worsened
  I have two protruding dics at C5-6, & C6-7, but no spinal chord
  compression was observed on my MRI in "April" of this year.  "AFTER" that
  MRI, in the months of June and then again in early September,
  I had some Physical Therapy which involved "very aggressive" traction
  to my neck, and my neck has not been the same since.  Heat and electrodes
  during Physical Therapy seem to band-aid the problem, but my neck pain
  continues to flare up and cause severe pain.  I can turn my head side to
  side, but nodding up and down is almost impossible, the pain and pressure
  sensation are so severe.  In WA state before my move to CA, the Neuro-
  surgeon that I saw thought possibly during the traction, some excess disc
  material may have ruptured out, and/or the disc/s itself has come out more,
  since the MRI done in April.  Some of the strange symptoms I have
  had since the aggressive traction and head pulling in June, are feelings
  of fluid rushing up the back of my neck/ type sensations, and crackling
  on and off when I turn my head at times.  SEVERE pain in the occipital
  area in the back of my neck, a severe pain/ tenderness that prevents me
  from being able to nod my head up and down without chronic pain and
  tightness.  The past few weeks, when I sleep on my pillow on my stomach
  with my head turned to the right, my bottom lip goes numb.  Today my
  bottom lip numbness, and area just below the nose to the outer corner
  of my top lip was numb, and constant.  It came on in the afternoon and
  has been present all day.
  I have looked up online information regarding stroke warning signs, and
  TIA's, and am wondering if this lip numbness could be a sign?  The
  fluid type rushing symptoms I feel up the back of my neck make me wonder
  if it is related to blood flow I am hearing?.....or could it be disc
  material?  Coupled with the crackling noises and the pain and tightness
  in my neck that extends to the very bottom of the back of my head, have
  me concerned that possibly the aggressive traction done to my neck could
  have possibly caused some type of artery/blood flow problem. I might add
  that my neck is SO tight, that "currently" my new Physical Therapist and my new state, AND a
  Chiropractor I have consulted, REFUSE to do any aggressive/muscle therapy
  with me until my neck is checked out with some imaging,x-ray, etc. IF and
  this is a big IF,...I did have some symptoms of stroke possibility related to
  cerebral or a subarachnoid hemorrage, how long would it take to
  manifest itself?  I am worried that the traction caused something to
  become horribly wrong.......and the sensations I am feeling are blood
  rushing through the artery's, etc.  My husband thinks if something
  would have went wrong in THAT way, that it would have been evident
  immediately or within days of the traction episode in early September.
  I on the otherhand worry that it could be a "slow type leak" of a possible
  Here are my questions:  1. Is it possible to sustain an injury to the
                             head/neck arterys (whether a weakening of an
                             artery, or a hemorrage/slow leak from one)from
                             aggressive pulling of neck/head, and if any
                             hemorraging were to be a result, how long
                             would it take to manifest itself,....IF
                             it could even go on for months,(without even
                             knowing it) or would it be something that a
                             person would know right away after the head/
                             neck trauma occured?  
                          2. The rushing/fluid type sensations I feel up
                             the back of my neck, coupled with the on and
                             off crackling, could this be blood I am hearing
                             rushing through the veins in my neck, or would
                             it be due to disc material?  What could explain
                             these rushing noises/ types of sensations?  
                          3. Could the lower lip numbness and above the
                             outer corner just above upper lip numbness to
                             nose be indicative of a TIA?  It has been
                             going on for almost two weeks now on and off,
                             but has been "constant" the past day and a half.
                             I also have had tinnitus on and off during this
                             this time frame also. (Not sure if that would
                             be related to a TIA, lip numbness is more my
  Thank you so much for reading my long post, and addressing my questions
  above.  Anything you can suggest in the way of treatment that may be of
  benefit for me would be greatly appreciated, to help me help my doctor
  (it's been him-haw-maybe this, etc., and I'm at the point where I want
  help, not just vagueness from the doctors anymore).  Thank you for your
  time and understanding! - C.Wells
Taking your questions in order.............
Haemorrhage in the brain gives instantaneous symptoms, ie within seconds,
there is no way this could be due to a damaged blood vessel.
You cannot hear blood in the vessels, this is more likely to be another
internlly generated symptom,,possibly related to disc disease, I think
this is the most likely explanation for your symptom.
Lip numbness would be a very odd manifestation of TIA and by defintion a
TIA is a once-off defecit which clears completely within 24 hours, so this
is definitely not a TIA.

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