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Brain Damage

What exactly is brain damage? I was sent to a nurologist after seeing my reg doctor and he read my head MRI and said I have brain damage. I said how bad and he didnt answer me just walked out of the room, I got my medical records and a copy of the MRI and nowhere on there did it say brain damage it said bad sinuus infection.  I went down from drinking beer I guess and not eating and lost all my potassium, electrolites, and muscles.  Im on my way back now i had slurred speech, back ache, muscle aches and pain bad, shaking on and on.  Why did I have to go see a nurologist anyhow and then he tells me i have brain damage. What?

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y did they do the MRI in the first place...what was ur complaint?....brain damage or lesions can be from migraines....traumas.....it all depends on how many there r and where in the brain they r.....if it was of concern ur dr would have said so...again I wonder y u had the MRI.....

sorry I don't know how to help u here.

Good luck
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I had a VP shunt placed in when I was 6 months old. I started having trouble with my nervs when I was in the fifth grade. I out grew my vp shunt tube. Im now 21 I was sent to state for hearing things although I dont take the medication because of lack of concern by those doctors. They tried to medicate me. I just turned 21 had a CT scan only to have the doctor tell me I was fine. This was to check for fluid build up. I have pressure on the left side of my shunt now and have been looking in to some real good hospitals. It may be all sphycological damage....
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Thanks for writing in.
Brain damage implies loss of brain tissue. This can occur due to trauma, stroke or compression of the brain tissue by a tumor or an aneurysm.
Do you have a history of traumatic brain injury?

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No history of that.  I am an achololic and was drinking alot of beer, not eating and lost my mucsles I could not walk or get up all i could do was lay on the floor and somewhat talk.  My daughter called 911 and i was rushed to the ER and was dehydrated and lost all my potassium, electrolites and who knows what else I guess all they found in my body was beer.  Im still in awe about all of this I didnt realize drinking and not eating could do this. I still honestly dont know what happened.  Im 53 this happened on my birthday this year oct 1st. Why the MRI cuz they wanted to know what happened too, all it showed was a bad sinus infection.  ????
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