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Brain MRI/Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Dr.??

  I went to my Dr. for burning feet and painful neck and other symptoms.  I asked for a cervical MRI (because I have issues w/my neck and back) he suggested a brain MRI and that I might have MS (I was shocked to say the least!).

My brain MRI:
2 weighted imaging demonstrates punctate areas of high signal intensity within the centrum semiovale, possibly representing prominent Virchow-Robin spaces.  There is no evidence of abnormal enhancing lesion.  The periventricular white matter appears normal bilaterally.  The corpus callosum appears normal in width and signal intensity.  The foremen magnum and cerebellar tonsils appear normal.  
Impression:  Essentially normal appearing MRI of the brain with and without contrast.  Punctate areas of signal aberration within the centrum semiovale bilaterally, seen on axial T2 weighted imaging, may simply represent prominent perivascular spaces (Virchow-Robin Spaces), and are not seen as discrete abnormalities on other sequences.

COULD this mean MS lesions?  I have pretty much every symptom of MS (that is what alerted my GP).  I have my 1st neuro appt. 12/5 and in between a cervical/thoracic MRI on 11/13 to check for lesions there.  Could those punctate reas of HSI mean lesions?  Thanks.

Here are my symptoms:

Sore left side of neck, so sore it became hard to lift from pillow.  
Tingling down my back.
Started having incontinence again in about August.  Not stress - just leaks out.  
Burning Feet – Both feet burn and sting.  Not consistent with "sciatica like" no sciatic pain.
Things are sometimes hard to swallow.  I gag when taking my vitamins in the morning now even small pinky size pills.  
Twitching of right eyelid.
My left hip clicks when I walk.
Extreme tight muscles that spasm all over my body.
Twitching of left thumb, calves, shoulders, back and hips (could feel muscles twitching). Sometimes legs/arms while I am sleeping or going to sleep.
Ears are sensitive to sound - Left one was buzzing one day and felt like there was a fly.  Chiro checked for ear disorder with re-evaluation and was negative in 10/07.
Dizziness - Just sitting at desk or talking to someone or standing in front of cash register.  
Shaky hands at various times througout the day.
I noticed when I'm talking sometimes, that my whole head twitches or my cheek and lips and it doesn't come out right. It is a very strange feeling.
Itching on various parts of body - no apparent rash.
Muscle aches all over body.
Tripping a lot - like going up stairs and sometimes trip over carpets laying flat.  Almost as if my left leg was dragging or my big toe or something.
Pain behind my eyes.  Seeing floaters/flashing lights.  Sometimes blurry vision, I would have to blink a few times to get it to focus.
I have found myself dropping things more often.  Once it hits the floor I think "I thought I had a good hole of that".
Spasticity (prescribed SOMA) - fixed joints - sore muscles.
Extreme Fatigue.  I get 8+ hours sleep every night.
Speech/Talking - I find myself thinking two words and saying one word, but putting them both together, for example - I was thinking "GOOD" but instead I said "GOOL" as the other word was "COOL."   Saying words backwards - I recall saying outloud to someone several times when I did it in front of them because of embarressment "geese, I just be dyslexic today!".   Saying sentences in the wrong order.  Saying something I wasn't even thinking - I picked up my 1 yr old niece to go look at her newly remodeled BEDROOM as I knew that's what I wanted to say, instead I said, "let's go see your new HOME".

Brain MRI Essentially Normal
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Carpal Tunnel
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Low Blood Pressure
HIV/AIDS (Insurance Co. required testing)
Disorder of the ear - (by Chiro) on 10/11/07
ESR Sedimentation Rate Normal in 2004.

Vitiligo Autoimmune Disease (adolescence)
Degenerative Disk Disease 10/04 (Osteoarthritis)

Thanks for your time it is more than appreciated.  THANK YOU!

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The MRI does not sound like MS.  The symptoms do and don't.  I have most of your symptoms as well and all my tests are normal too.  I'm being treated for lyme disease.
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