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Brain Shakes and Dizziness

I have read multiple descriptions of "brain shakes" on this forum but none seem to describe my experience. I have gone to two different general practitioners and they tell me that I am suffering from vertigo but my symptoms do not seem to completely match vertigo either.

I am a 27-year-old, healthy and active woman. Several months ago, I began experiencing these random episodes of brain shakes that are followed by dizziness. The "brain shakes" feel like a jolt and vibration that last about a 1 second. These "brain shakes" are sometimes violent and because they are unexpected, I react by placing my hands to my head. But my head does not actually "shake", its is merely an internal sensation that I'm reacting to. The "brain shakes" are immediately followed by dizziness. I feel like the room is spinning and sometimes I become flushed and nauseous. The dizziness lasts less than a minute. The dizziness is initially severe and then it fades away and is completely gone in about a minute.

These episodes have occurred approximately 6 or so times. They appear to occur randomly and they are spaced out; sometimes a couple weeks and other times about a month apart. I am almost never moving when these occur. In other words, they don't seem to be caused by sudden movements or physical fatigue. Most times it has happens when I'm sitting at my desk working or in a car or at lunch with a friend. When they occur, I am immediately fine when the dizziness wears off as if nothing happened. They also occur one at a time; I've never had more than one per day. Also, these episodes to do not appear to be stress or mental health related. I am a mental health practitioner and was able to rule that out.

Although these episodes have not significantly impaired my life functioning, they are certainly scary and concerning. Any insight about what might be happening would be greatly appreciated!!
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I have the exact same thing, you described it perfectly. I've had these for probably about a year now.  It happens randomly and lasts less than a minute. It can happen anytime and it feels like your brain is vibrating and then its fallowed by dizziness and its the worst feeling.
I'm only 18 years old and I'm healthy and fit as well.
if you find out what it is I would love to know and it would be appreciated as well.
I have the same feelings I don't what the hell it is and when I see my gp he looks at me as though I'm crazy and gives me virtigo medication . I wish someone could shed some light on this as I worry about it
I have the same feelings I dont know what the hell it is and when I see my gp he looks at me as though im crazy and gives me virtigo medication . I wish someone could shed some light on this as I worry about it
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Thank you for posting Krist10. I haven't been able to find out anything at all. Have you seen a doctor? I plan to go to a ear/nose/and throat doctor in a few months. Also, do you fly a lot? I do and I thought it might have something to do with that but I'm not sure.
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I just had the same exact thing happen to me two days ago. It was so scary, and now I am constantly worried it will happen again. I went to the ER the same day and had blood work, EKG, and CTscan and all came back normal. I am going to schedule and appointment with a neurologist and see if they can help. I was also not doing any crazy movement that brought it on, I was standing in my kitchen stirring something and the vibration in my head went off followed by the extreme dizziness. I am pretty nervous about it, but am very thankful I am not alone. Has anyone figured anything else out? Keep me posted! Thanks!
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Hi Samantha,
I still haven't figured anything out. I don't have insurance so it is a bit difficult to keep going to doctors. Mine have continued to happen. It seems like they are more frequent now but are less severe. They still are frightening...please keep us posted on you neurology results!
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I have felt the same thing too. Normally when I don't get enough sleep. I first started experiencing it at 11 years old and I am now 21 years old. For me it feels like my brain and eyes are shaking, and if I close my eyes, my brain begins to teeter. I guess that's the vertigo part. I am active as well. I don't travel, don't do any drugs, and don't drink. It happens while I'm reading a book before bed or when I was at a spa or even while I was d stress free year. Is it stress related? Do I need more sleep? Do I need to avoid certain foods? If you ever find out, please let me know.
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I have recently experienced the exact same thing as you've described. It happened the first time a few weeks ago while standing on a bus and I thought it might be because I was tired and hungry but it's been almost a daily occurence since then and scares me every time. Any updates or anything? Everything I've read about vertigo (because that's what I thought it might be) doesn't seem to fit. Any help would be appreciated!
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