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Brain Stroke at age 72yr

My father aged 72yrs suffering with High blood pressure ( 90-140) normally. He is chain Smoker.He used to take alcohol one pag in the evening before dinner. He is suffering from ankle pain continuously,unable in walking long, and his ankles get swelling.On 28th May in the morning he felt uncomfortable in brain and after one day found that his left portion (hand,leg and tongue also) was not as much active as right portion of body.
I have treated him with neurologist.CT Scan,MRI ,Carotid dopller and 2D Echo are taken.After observation following medicines are recomended by Doctor:- Tab. Chrimaxom (BD),Tab Dephlott 150mg,(OD),Tab Somprax 40 (OD) and Cap. Reganox Plus.

Let me know the what is the name of disease ? What precautions should he taken? Recurrance of disease? Is permanent cure of the disease ?


Multiple small acute to early subacue ifarts in right ganglio capsular location,subcortical and paraventricular white matter in right parietal region involving centrum semiovale and corona radiate.
Mild generalized age realted cerebral atrophy with mild preventricular ischemic demyelination.

Thanks and awaiting for your valuabe suggestions.

Bijender Singh
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Hi, Thank you for your question. It sounds like a white matter changes after stroke. In white matter disease or microvesicular ischemic disease of brain, pathology is associated with the brain white matter, either exclusively or in combination with grey matter changes. It occurs due to metabolism errors, exogenous toxins released by virus, autoimmune disease, leukodystrophy, demyelination, and radiation effects. Spasticity, muscle weakness, paralysis, hyper-reflexia and movement disorder may be the clinical features associated with white matter disease that need to be evaluated thoroughly. However, it is sad to say that there is no permanent cure but conservative treatment & physiotherapy exercises that would help you to regain your normal function and stopping the further progression of the disease. Please consult a neurologist in this regards. Hope this helps.
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