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Brief episodes of numbness in left leg along with vertigo

I am a 41 year old male in good health overall.  I don't smoke and rarely drink alcohol.  I was diagnosed with a left bundle branch block several years ago (no treatment required at this time), and have borderline/high cholesterol.  I may start to take Lipitor in the near future.  About 10 years ago, I had thyroiditis, but the TSH levels returned to normal shortly thereafter, with no further treatment.  My father died of complications arising from prostate cancer, congestive heart failure, and a major stroke he had previously suffered.  My mother is alive and in very good health.

Over the last 2-3 months, I have experienced on about 3 - 4 occasions the following symptoms:  while in the office or at home, one leg (left?) would go numb (It felt like "lead," and I couldn't move it) accompanied by vertigo - I almost fell over once in my office.  The onset of these symptoms would be concurrent and instantaneous, and the duration of each episode would be VERY BRIEF - on the order of 5 seconds.  After less than 30 seconds or so, I would feel perfectly fine, as if nothing happened.  At this time, I am experiencing some fatigue as well.  

When I saw my Doctor the other day, he did not offer up any possible explanation for my symptoms, other than writing down "neuropathy" on my chart.  I am scheduled to have a MRI for my brain in two weeks, and will also have a complete physical/EKG and bloodwork done at that time as well.  I will be seeing a neurologist the week following my MRI.  

Are you able to offer any additional insight/suggestions regarding the above symptoms?
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The brief nature of the symptoms makes it unlikely that these were vascular events or warning strokes. However the MRI of the brain will assess for this. Otherwise, this could represent a problem in the spine or peripheral nerves to your leg. The neruologist will be able to review your examination and history and determine if this is likely. Then more specific testing can be completed.
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