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Burning Pain,Parasthesia,Allodynia-Cerv Fusion C2-6,C5-7/Lumbar/Bowel,Bladder dysfunction

Are there any emerging treatments for burning nerve pain ... also "rivers of electricity" running through body ... feel like plugged into a grid.
More pronounced after after bending forward for a time to read/write/use computer ... Also difficulty judging accurate placement of feet/hands .. need to give attention to the movement to direct a more smooth/less clumsy outcome ...
This has slowed overall function to 1/3 of previous .. plus fatigue factor with more "consious" parallel processing instead of relying on feet to walk when you decide to .. getting harder to push up from sitting and walk .. I push onto stick with one hand .. other surface with opposite hand ... then when standing consciously steady myself before stepping forward.
Typing hurts fingertips and all surfaces that skin contacts ... both burning increased and pressure of limb weight. At times my legs feel too heavy to walk up stairs with .. puffing by the top.
Have L3,L4,L5 disc protusion/changes .. But also iintial L shoulder injury which recently hurts right  round top of arm/torso with arm moves .. esp with  reach/carry.
Neck is primary area - fused C2-C6 [spontanous screw migration 2yr after non-stable  C3-C6 fusion] ... 10 yr later neck again unstable, so in 2005 a further C5-C7 fusion+laminectomy to free damaged spinal  cord.  
Since then Burning, Allodynia, and Parasthesia have increased in spread/extent/effect on function with pain "noise" interfering significantly with clarity and speed of cognitive function, and ability to do everyday activities - both work and recreation.

More recently burning has even spread to scalp [roots of hairs feel like "spikes"], across top of back, down front torso neck to solar plexus area and inside mouth, tongue and gullet. Saliva dries up and nasal mucosa; eyes searring even fogs my glasses sometimes. Feet hand legs arms neck have  lymph swelling - some relief with laser [LLLT 900mu] weekly & daily self lymph massage [hard to do w allodynia]. Daily use of hypnosis, meditation, brain wave entrainment. Acupuncture helps spine/head pain.
Can the Panel comment/assist or send email .. I am a Health Professional who has worked years in Rehab of SCI; also palliative care and pain/stress management.
I am now at an impasse as the burning slows what I can do. Pacing to prevent, or "easing off" pain requires lying back ~ as forward body bend from vertical, and/or downward head flexion, can markedly "fire" up the system to intolerable level, which intrudes and skin goes red, lymph tissues swell, parasthesia plus distortion of sensory perception of touch leads to clumsiness/dropping things. {Not a professional image}
My thanks ~ J
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