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Burning Tongue Syndrome

I have had this allergic reaction once a while when I eat pineapple (not all always), sweating on my scalp with slightly prickly feeling.

I thought I have had some kind of allergy as well developed recently after eating salty and especially sweet stuff, scalp sweating (now I understand this being called "Gustatory Sweat" but not allergy).  This started recurring at the same time as Burning Tongue Syndrome 2 or 3 months ago.  I feel tongue and upper part of inner mouth slightly burned, especially when eating salty foods.  My entire mouth feels funny without being actually burned.  The taste of the same food seems to be less strong, except salty still taste salty.

One mouth ago, I had deep clean on my teeth done, and doc prescribed the mouth wash.  With the prescribed mouth wash and sometimes i carry small travel size Listerine with me.  They kind of burned my mouth even more.

I wonder if the mouth washes make Burning Tongue Syndrome even worse or not!

Are Burning Tongue Syndrome gets worse with Gustatory Sweat, for they all have to do with "nerve" system?

What doctor should I go to if I need one?  Nerologist?

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I have no idea about your underlying problem but the mouthwash problem is easy -- stop using it.  Same really with the pineapple -- if it bothers you, don't eat it.  
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Please get yourself checked for autoimmune symptoms - I had all of your problems, and the final and permanent result turned out to be Lichenoid Mucositis, which starts in the belly, but shows up in the mouth.  There is no cure, but one learns to not eat certain foods, or drinks, etc.  I, too, have lost taste sensation; my mouth actually peeled every time after using toothpaste, and I cannot use any mouothwashes.   These (and more) were all symptoms that we did not catch right away.  I don't even use toothpaste anymore - it literally burns my mouth.  I had to have a biopsy taken of an especially sore area, and that was when it was discovered that I had Lichenoid Mucositis.  Please check it out online, see if your conditions are the same s described - you might be surprised!  I was - I had not put it all together at first, but had complained to my dentist about the mouth peeling, and all the canker sores that seemed to be ever present, etc.  This condition should be monitored by your dentist, as it CAN lead to oral cancer.  Be careful, and best wishes.   SI
Also, please be aware that tomato products, in any form, mayonnaise, all citrus products, sodas, vinegar in any form, salt, cinnamon (that was a bad one for me - I love the stuff), and quite a few of the baking spices, all these and more I have discovered the hard way and were bad for me.  My mouth is now so bad that I can only eat soft foods, milk, and cannot even enjoy a piece of toast, as the roughness irritates my mouth so bad.  So life has become pretty bland!  But I am managing, and you will be able to, also.  Find out what things make it worse for you, and eliminate them.  Keep a little diary of the things that make your mouth sore, and eliminate them.  I have found that I cannot reintroduce them without a mouth reaction.  It is a bummer to have this problem - it is hard to eat out unless you are eating mashed potatoes.  Please have this confirmed/denied by a dental testing.  If your dentist won't do this test, find another dentist.  Not many people get this as bad as I have it, but you must have it biopsied to confirm it and know what you are dealing with.  Just "burning tongue" may not be the total diagnoses!  Because of the risk of oral cancer, you need a dentist who is on top of this problem!  Be aware that this problem originates in the gut, so taking care of your gut biome is extremely important.  That is, eat a lot of probiotic foods, in whatever forms you can tolerate, and try to be gentle on your gut.  Mine started because of continual stress and exhaustion for an extended time (my husband had a prolonged illness before he died), and I was left a physical and emotional dishrag.   I had not taken very good care of myself for a couple of years as I dealt with his deteriorating health, and the Mucositis is what attacked me because of my exhaustion.  While I would not change my attention to his health needs during that difficult time, I think I would have tried harder to take care of myself better.

Not many people appreciate just how painful this condition is - not understand its implications and limitations.  Sometimes even the dentist does not appreciate how difficult and painful it is to even open the mouth!  

Hope this additional info helps you!  I'd like to know how you are doing after you explore this new area of your life.

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