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Burning on head, neck, shoulders from TMJ?

This is the first time i've ever posted on a site like this and I apologize in advance if I miss some details.

Name is James and i'm 24 years old,about 3 months ago I was at the gym working out doing some deadlifts. I had just begun taking some new preworkout not a month before that and it was some pretty potent stuff. So needless to say I couldn't really feel any pain when lifting and any fatigue was brushed off with ease. Anyways, I'm assuming that during my dead-lifting I didn't do a very good job and hurt my back/neck, even though i'm not entirely sure. On the drive home my jaw started tightening on the left side and it hurt something fierce. I was able to take some painkillers and get some relief. Anyways, i began to experience really strong tightening and burning in the left side of my face that seemed to spread down into my shoulders and arms. It sent me into a panic and i ended up going to the ER on a Sunday because i thought for sure I was going to die (I have really bad health anxiety). They did a scan on my head to make sure it wasnt anything tumor related (which it wasn't), and i was sent home with a diagnosis of TMJ. I took muscle relaxers and found no real relief. I spent most nights wondering if I could live with something like this. I had to sleep with some form of heat on the back of my head to stop the burning sensation. Unfortunately the burning and tightening spread from the base of my neck to the top of my head and face. It feels like my face is constantly tight and the top of my head burns on a pretty constant basis. The odd thing is it came on with such force and consistently that I didn't know what to do about it. I read on multiple forums that TMJ and anxiety mixed together can cause some extreme pain. So i tackled the anxiety part by realizing that after about a month of having this pain that it was pretty much probably going to be a mainstay in my life so I quit worrying about it. The thing that sucks is its been replaced by a fear that I may not be able to handle such pain for long. I find myself wondering what I can even do about it at this point. Ive been given gabapentin for the pain but it really only takes the edge off. I recently went to a specialist who stated that if my lower back got hurt bad during the deadlifting session then that could be pulling on the muscles in my head causing the tension and burning. But, i've also been told that TMJ and back pain are not related at all, so i've been told multiple things and don't really know who is right. It's miserable and the pain is borderline unbearable mentally and physically. I have a hard time sitting in chairs for long periods of time without the head burning coming on strong. It has made me not want to do anything at all.

So I guess my question is, what am I looking at here and how can I alleviate some of this pain (if i can at all)?
Sorry for my rambling in advance.
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