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Burning pain in left nipple and breast area

I've posted a similar question but had left out several symptoms. I have a pain that started out under my left arm. I went to the doctor and he did a fast exam and stated that there were no swollen lymphs there or in my neck. I have examined the area myself and found nothing unusual. I checked my underarm area my neck, under my jaw and found no swelling. After some weeks, I began to get a pins and needles pain that led from my underarm to my left nipple area, covering the entire breast area. I am male and looked up symptoms of male breast cancer and I have none of the symptoms. I had a lump on my left testicel and that was checked out and found to not be cancerous and was given anti biotics which made the pain go away, but the lump is still there. Again I was told not to worry by my doctor.

I have a non cancerous tumor in my RIGHT kidney which is being monitered. So far so good there just some pain at times. I have a large kidney stone in my left kidney but it's yet to move.

Most of my pains are on my left side, I have left flank pain, just about under the rib cage and pain on the bottom left of my stomach.  My stool is for the most part normal, I had my gall bladder removed,(another non cancerous growth) and each day my bowel movements can range from soft to hard, but I attribute that to my surgery several years ago.

I had a cat scan done on my Liver stomach normal, spleen normal, pancreas normal. Chest X Ray normal, Everything seems to be normal except for thses pains that are causing me substantial worry. No one seems to have any ideas, after a time doctors begin to think you are making symptoms up. I only wish that were the case. At times the pain travels down my arm causing a weak feeling, although I lose no strength.

I'm more tired than usual but can function normally with little sleep. There is no discharge from my nipple, the skin is normal, no flaking nothing like that. The pain lasts most of the day if not the entire day, OTC pain medications don't help at all and stronger meds only somewhat help. I've read that a pinched nerve may cause similar symptoms and would like to know if that is the case. At times it feels as if there is a blow torch against my skin. I'm not an expert but the pain feels muscular to me or at least the pain in the breast area. the pain travels from one part of the breast to the other, not always in the same spot, sometimes moving several times a day. At times if I can find the pain a little bit of massage can make the pain a little less painful, but never goes away.

Under my arm feels like it's swollen when I press my arms to my side, but when checked it's the same as the right side.

I have no idea if this is connected somehow but I also have a very sensitive pain in my RIGHT big toe, feels also like pins and needles and has come more frequent of late. Anything you can tell me is a help, thank you for your time.

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I think you should look again at the male breast cancer thing, even tho symptoms don't match.  I know someone who had that, and his chest was bothering him in a similar way.  Since you tend to get bumps in general, it wouldn't hurt to look into the breast idea with an internist.  Also, lymphs under your arms on both sides will swell if there's disease in any part of your chest.  While you wait to see a doctor, there may be a numbing ointment you can put on your breast area and also wearing super soft underclothing might help.  

As for your chest being a nerve problem, a neurologist can do a workup on that, it does sound a little like radiating pain from the back, and he can also address all your nerve pains.  By the way, your groin problem was likely an infection process, cleared up by antibiotics, but the bump remains.  If it bothers you, a dermatologist might remove it for you, plus they automatical biopsy those things.  And about your toe, check for any bruise or ingrown toenail, of course, and also check your shoe fit.  I know, the shoe is obvious, but one time a pair of yard shoes I wore, the shoenail worked its way unnoticed through the sole, and damaged the nerves in my heel.
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