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Burning sensation

Hi experts,
I am trying to supply as much information as possible on my case. First off, briefly about myself male 29, I work with computers, mice and keyboards at least 10 hours a day - usually get less than 5-6 hours sleep during the night. With no history of disease in myself or my family. Very low level of cholesterol and sugar. Never smoke and almost never drink.

For about 9-10 months once every couple of weeks I had sort of burning sensation in my index finger (right). It was very much like a normal sun burn. To be honest didn't take it seriously. After about 7 months one day during the day and night I had a terrible burning sensation all over my on both hands (never had before) and since it had happened after lifting some heavy bags throughout the day I thought OK! it might be a good cause. It however made me a little bit worry.

Surprisingly, for a short period of time say 2 days had pretty much the same kind of sensation on my lips as well. But the issues with that severity never occurred again. I have no numbness, pins and needles or tingling sensations.

Not so lucky as with an old knee injury, my left foot has become a little bit weak (since 2 months ago) not sure if it's happening due to my old injury. Very specifically my left knee sometimes gives way (bends forward) and I am not as comfortable with that as I am with my right foot. This symptom gets worse specially early in the morning when I get up or when after a long time sitting down I want to walk. Sometimes have a sharp pain my knee and usually kind of clicking when riding my bike.

My current problems are basically the burning sensation in my right index finger all the way up down to my right tomb and (rarely) lips  (which happens several times a day). I "think" when I get angry symptoms worsen (not 100% sure).

Physically I think I am very active with walking more than 6KM a day, 3-4 days a week gym and swimming. Amazingly my left foot becomes tired earlier than my right foot but always it's able to run at 2KM or walk 6-7KM with no problems. Also it can lift heavy weights exactly the same as my right foot.

No bowel or bladder changes. No vertigo. No fatigue (except drowsiness some afternoons afetr a terrible night).

As requested by my GP and specialist, I had brain and spine MRI and CTs all OK. Also just passed an eye and other clinical tests (OK). Over the last 7 months I was *terribly* stressed.

In their diagnosis these folks usually refer to emotional and mental issues which are somehow affecting my body but as a friend of mine says I am *seriously* worry about something like MS.

Could someone please shed some light on this?

Thanks very much for your information.


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