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Burning sensation on neck

When I touch a section of my skin, the sensation is a burning one.  I've had this for weeks now.  If I don't touch my neck .. I'm fine!  I know .. so don't touch your neck but that's not going to happen.  Any idea of what this is?  
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You are probably experiencing symptoms of cervical neuropathy. There may be a bulging disc in the cervical spine which may be pressing on the nerve root.

Please consult a neurologist and get yourself examined. You may need an MRI of the cervical spine.

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My skin will sometimes feel as if it is burnt, but only if I touched it. I chalked it up to stress. I never went to the doctor about it, but noticed that when this happens, it is usually when there is an elevated amount of stress in my life. Hope all turns out ok for you. My "burnt areas" was usually on my torso or arms. Eventually it went away! Comes and goes with stress.
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I appreciate your comments. But as a precaution, I would like to ask if you have ruled out diabetes and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Stress in itself will not induce such a symptom. Stress may exaggerate the apparent severity.

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well I was tested for diabetes in 2005 and they found nothing. I did have it checked because diabetes runs in our family on both the maternal and paternal sides.
I don't know if they checked for B12 at the time.
I was actually going to the doctor for something completely different.
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I was tested for diabetes cause one night I was on my computer and then all of the sudden, my head like fell and when I looked back up The room was spinning, and my arms were tingling from my elbows down. I had a really bad headache for 8 days preceeding that, that any over the counter meds would not even remotely help. After that episode, the headache finally went away.
I thought I had some kind of stroke but, the doc said no. That if I had a stroke, then only one of my arms would have been tingling. My headache was at the base of my neck(where the neck connects to the head), slightly to the right, and the pain radiated from there.
They never could tell me what happened to me that night. I still have no idea what all that was about.
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