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Burning skin, internal tremors, lump in throat etc.

I have had some symptoms that started 7 years ago after giving birth to my son.. woke up in the middle of the night 2 days after giving birth with skin burning, tongue numb.. I was told I was having an anxiety attack.. well I went home the next day and for the next few days I had skin burning, fast heart rate, numb tongue, numbness in hands and feet etc. Well after a coulple weeks it went away and had burning legs for a couple months. It went a way a couple month. A year later I started taking dizzy spells every night in the middle of the night when getting up for a drink, or check on baby... my head and neck would get so tight that I couldn't catch my breath, my tongue would go numb, and then I have to sit cause everything would go black. I would get severe pains in my lower abdomen on both sides.... after a couple minutes it would go away, I could get up and everything would be fine.. this happened every night for 1 month and then went away. Well after thaqt felt great, got pregnant again and after having him here we go again... 5 days later I was put on heavy antibiotics for an infection and started with burning in lower legs. after that I did not feel right and then after a couple weeks I had a feeling of something stuck in my throat and burping with it.. my anxiety was at an all time high as I didn't know what was going on. With it came "internal tremors" my whole body feels like it is shaking but nobody can tell.... as well as full body burning, buring surges throughout body, pressure in face, neck hurts, joints hurt etc. I could aslways tell I was going to get a spell because my neck would start huring and my hip. This lasted on and off for 2 years... after htat it seemed milder and only happened every once in awhile... the last 2 years I have felt the best with just a spell every once in a while and I would wake up gasping for breath... the lump in the my throat never went away with the burping and I attributed it to acid reflux that was catching my breath. Well just had a tooth infection, put on antiobiotics, and one day later spells hit and even harder! Every morning when I wake I get like a a chill and the burning starts and well as my whole body aches.... its a weird sensation feeling that goes through my body.. that I can fully explain.. today the burning started just on ethe right side and now its both but more pressure in my face on the right side including burning ear. I took an Ativan and that didn't even help...... I have no idea what cuases this. I have had MRI's, EEG, EKG, cardio ultrasound, thyroid panel blood work, b12, 24 hour urine tests, cortisol tests, lyme.... any ideas?
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include low blood sugar, low blood pressure, autonomic disturbances, hormonal/ endocrine imbalance, stress/ anxiety, medication side effect, cardiovascular issues such as arrhythmias etc, neuromuscular causes, infections, inflammations, micronutrient deficiencies etc. While a few of these would have been ruled out with the tests mentioned, the other possibilities may need to be evaluated for. I would suggest consulting an internist initially and depending on the cause(s) diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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My B-12 is on the lower side at 215 but in normal range from our labs. My TSH came back at 1.39. Cortisol  morning at 645 and pm 232 which I was told in normal rnge. I was told CBC was fine but my iron was low. My prolactin was 14.2 and free T4 at 19.8 which I guess both were in normal range. I had a endsocopy and sigmoidoscopy done and had no inflammation or ulcers but biopsy showed H.pylori and treated that. I have had an 24 hour holter monitor and go for cardiac ultrasound this week. I currently am taking iron supplments (OTC) and 1000 sublingual B-12. I have good days and bad days. I get very achy, neck hurts sooo bad and still get the feeling of somthing stuck with burping... I feel all my symptoms are just pieces of the puzzle but got to find otu what the big picture is. I still get really bad burning legs/arms that come and go, internal shaking and just edgy... I get really weird sensations I can't explain but is definately not normal!
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Hi I’m having the same symptoms did any1 get a diognosis x
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