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My question is this:

I have had a burning sensation on my skin that started in 2002.  It was very slight in 2002 and went away.  I also had/have a bruised feeling all over my body most everyday.  In May 2003 I went to see my eye specialist for an eye disease I have - Pars Planitis.  I know it has it's links to auto immune diseases (including MS).  I have had this disease in my left eye for 10 yrs now w/ no problems or treatment.

My eye dr. told me to get tested for MS.  I mentioned to him the burning I had in 2002 and he said "yes, you definately need to see a neuro to get checked out."  That night I went home and the burning came back full force.  My body went crazy from that day forward.  The burning now comes and goes but, mostly stays w/ me.  It's mainly my face and arms that burn - like a sunburn or chemical burn.  I get areas on my legs that feel like they are burned or rubbed raw as well.  I have seen 2 neuros in the past 2 years including 2 rheumys.  I have had a brain MRI & a c-spine (neck & upper spine I believe) MRI.  Both came back normal.  No one has any answers for me at this time.  This has been going on for 2 yrs and it's very troublesome for me.

Is there ANYTHING ideas or suggestions you can give to me on where to turn next or what this could possibly be causing this burning?  I would REALLY appreciate it.  

The only other thing I can add is that I was put on Zoloft back in October '03 and the burning stopped for about a month and a half, ONLY to return in December.

It just MADE MY DAY to finally get to post a question on this board!!!


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The symptoms you are describing are quite diffuse. Disorders such as auto-immune, connective tissue, and possible central nervous system inflammatory conditions should be excluded. Also thyroid function and Vitamin B12 deficiency should be excluded. If all of this testing is negative, then stress should also be considered. Stress can cause many different symptoms in the body. Obtaining a second with an acdemic neurologist neurologist may be reasonable. Good luck
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I have also had a burning/tingling/almost numbness feeling (paresthesia) for almost 6 months--nonstop every day, but migrating to different areas of my body. Almost always left side but frequently both. Also feet and hands. Now also feel general muscle weakness particularly in legs and overall tiredness. Also feel slightly "offbalance" or just plain weird. Have had normal MRI, normal neuro exam, normal bloodtests for everything, normal EMG. Neurologist wants to refer me to U of M Hospital (I live in MI) or Cleveland Clinic, but both are out-of-network for my insurance and I also don't know if it will do any good.  I am in otherwise good health except for high cholesteral and have no history of any other medical problems. I too would appreciate any possibilities/comments.
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I have exactly the same symptom, tingling, burning, freezing.  It primarily hits my left arm and is very painful at times throughout the day.  It migrates to just about every other part of my body from day to day, moment to moment. It tightens my throat and the back of my neck and head at times. I have had cervical MRI, brain MRI and every blood test known, including all connective tissue tests and toxic substances.  The only positive test is ANA 1:160 and C-reactive protien 9.1(which indicates I am at a high risk for stroke or heart attack).  I have been to two nueros and a rheumatologist.  They all throw up their hands!  I have been referred to UVA Tertiary Care Center and have an appointment in the middle of July.  I think about it from the time I wake up until I painfully get into bed at night as it does get increasing painful during the day.  I am still working and am taking an anti-anxiety medication that at least improves my mood.  I have always been a very active, healthy person. Not anymore.  I just want to stay home because I don't know what the day will bring. If anyone finds out ANYTHING that might explain all these wierd symptoms, please post again.  Thanks.
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go see a qualified and well-trained chiropractor.  have x-rays and see where your spine needs to be manipulated. many of your symptoms are from loss of good blood flow, nerve energy flow.  the cranium and sacrum control our bodies
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Dear Sherr,
I have been following your postings for several weeks and I have
seen your pain and anxiety to find out the cause of your problems.
There are a lot of other postings in this forum that match your
situation and symptoms, including my case.
I have already posted a detailed answer on a previous posting (see
the thread "I'm so scared!!!" posted by Nal on 5/4/2004) that has
been disregarded by all the subsequent postings in that thread
(including yours), probably because nobody thought they are in the
same situation with me.
Well, we are ALL in the same intractable situation and the reason
for which you and all the other patients cannot find an answer to
this TORTURE is because there is NO DOCTOR in the WORLD
that can do anything about it.
Now, how do I know what is happening? It just happens that my
progression to Fibromyalgia was so rapid that the connection
between Generalized Vascular Disease and Fibromyalgia cannot
be obscured by any assurance of the type "your test results are
normal" or "the cause of your symptoms is unknown" statements.
To be brief, Generalized Vascular Disease happens either due
to the normal aging process (through atherosclerosis of the arteries), though you should not have severe Fibromyalgia
symptoms even if you are old, or due to congenital defects of the
arterial tree of your body. If you are BORN with missing or
dysfunctional arteries, arterial insufficiency occurs and your organs and arteries start to degrade (much faster than in people
with normal arteries), so that the blood pressure (perpendicular) to
the arterial walls decreases in time to such extent that the tissue
surrounding the arteries and the arteries themselves cannot
remain healthy because of decreased perfusion (decreased
tissue vascularization).
As a result, that comes in time after an asymptomatic period, you
start to have pain throughout your body, stiffness, tingling,
numbness, dizziness, burning, etc. All your body is affected and
most of the symptoms are because of the peripheral nerve
inflammation due to insufficient nerve vascularization.
All the neurological tests (e.g. MRI's, CT scans, etc) are useless
and they are ordered by the neurologists just for psychological
reasons. Regardless of what they find (normal or abnormal), it doesn't matter  because the results are just a snapshot of a process that will not end but rather aggravate in time.
Advices to seek a second opinion are just to send you away.
You could do tests to confirm that the vascular abnormalities are
at fault (abnormally high CRP, abnormal arterial structure on
angiograms, calcified arteries on arterial MRI's) but once the
disease is symptomatic, the only thing is cope with it and ask
the doctors for palliative measures. Plus, the vascular and
cardiology doctors may even tell you that everything is normal.
Anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications may alleviate the symptoms for a while, but this disease, which I think is the most
scariest out there, characterizes itself through the inability of your
arteries to pulsate and to be permeable and flexible enough to
maintain the level of perfusion needed by your body.
I previously said that you should ask your doctors (neurologists,
etc) for palliative and pain relieving medications.
Actually, you, me and all the other patients, should DEMAND that
they (including the Neurologists from Cleveland Clinic overseeing this forum) finally face us and look us in the eyes, rather that just
turning their backs from us and trying to isolate one's suffering
from another's suffering. Currently, we are denied even basic
patient emotional support because society ignorance and fear of
dealing with though dillema's are more important.
This is why we are alone in dealing with this and trapped in what
I would call the Fibromyalgia "psychogenic" cage.

Yours truly,
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I too have the severe burning, fatigue, muscle weakness for a long time and increasing... and I too have had the mre's, eegs, and bookoo blood tests... and I too have had many of the doctors I've seen subtley or outright just act or say I need a psychiatrist or stress, etc...

YET!  I believe most of them MOST of them are TRYING.  THEY ARE NOT GOD AND THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CAUSE OF OUR PAIN OR THE CONTINUANCE OF OUR PAIN. They are HUMAN, like us. To put the blame for our pain on others is NOT a way out of that pain. It only adds to the pain in this world.

Keep researching, keep trying to find ways to alleviate the pain not only for yourself but for others. I have learned this by hard experience, to quit being angry with the doctors for what they did not cause and are just trying to help us with despite the many negative comments they get and to be more thankful for the day and age we live in that allows for the continuing research into possible ways to alleviate human suffering.

I'm not even sure I believe in a "God" anymore after all the suffering but THIS I DO KNOW... only LOVE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, LONG-SUFFERING, GOODNESS, SELF CONTROL are helpful in battling the numerous reasons for pain and suffering... I sure have failed miserably at times in this - I'm sure many doctors have too... but I see no other way to give ourselves and them a break and then to therefore help all involved... some call this attitude... whatever...  Ah... LIFE
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I can sympathize with your problem. In March after being put on a new bp med, I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden felt this bad flushing in my face. Then one night I woke up with ringing in my ears that went on nonstop for a month or so. During this time, the burning in my head and face started. I went to an Ent who did a thorough workup and found nothing He felt that I need a n anxiety drug which I disagreed. My ANA was elevated and my BP is up a little but. NO one can find out why I am fatigued, and have burning in my fac e. I am miserable. If this sounds familiar. I need insight!
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I agree with the earlier comments about the Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with this painful disease that too little is known about back in 1998 by a Rheumatologist. He did the pressure point thing and after several questions on my sleep habits he gave me his diagnoses after several test showed nothing. I have the burning, tingling, etc. described above as well. I also have buldging discs at C5, C6, and a couple at the T level in my lower back. I have impinged tendon in my left shoulder, a spur, and an indented thecal sac at the C5, C6 level. So I am in pain all the time in one area or another. I have osteoarthritis as well. My age is 47 and I am female by the way.My neurologist is giving me pain shots in my lower back at this time and they seem to be helping but I know it is only a temporary fix. I also have anxiety so I am on Zoloft and it seems to be helping some as well. Also Klonopen. I have been on Flexeril, Lortab, and many other pain and muscle meds but most cause me stomach upset so I can not take most. If I were you I would talk to your doctor about Fibromyalgia. It is a dibilitating disease and like I said little is known as to its cause although they have thoughts on Mono being a factor, which I had at 15 and the immune system. I stay fatiqued and being active at one time it is very frustrating to have all of these things to deal with. I know your aggrevation with the "nothing is wrong, its mental diagnoses". I heard it too to the point I thought it was mental. But I was persistant and after years of persistance I found out my problem. Don't give up!!
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