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  I am 41 years old, and since 10 years ago, I have got a strong pain located in the
  left sacroiliac zone (gluteal zone and femour) and It irradiate to the left side
  of my body.
  I feel this pain as something as a pinzament or opression of a nerve, that extends
  mainly from sacroiliac zone to the femur and it increases and aggravates with a
  minimun effort, but not always. It depends on the position or movement that I must
  do with my left leg, such as stopping suddenly and modifying the trajectory of
  the leg. It increases, also when I get a little nervous.
  When the pain, for any reason, is high. I feel a kind of electricity which spreads
  for all the left zone of my body, and I feel the pain at the isquion bone when
  I sit down and also when my left waist is squeezed for something like a belt, for
  This algid pain normally continues from 1 to 3 hours, and can be produced in some intervals
  during the day. And for that reason I can't work and make a normal life.
  Here is a summary of the process evolution:
   When I was 31, a doctor asked me to wear a shoe wider (0.5 cm) in the right foot,
   because of a hip descompensation level. Curiously this action coincided a little after
  with a profund venous insuficience in my left leg, then one year later, the pain I have
   described before appeared. It started when I was sitting with my legs crossed just when I
  crouched I felt a crack.
   In all this time only one thing improved my pain. It was after fitting my left femur
  in the hip through a movement in the articulation made by a quack. I thought that the problem
  was solved because I could sit down without problems and I felt really better (only my
  circulation got worse) during ONLY 4 days. After a movement with my leg the pain returned
  and the sanguineous circulation returned to the anterior state. Ulterior attempts of repeating
  this movement by the quach were unsuccesful.
  I would be grateful for any kind of information which could help me. (Anybody with the same
  experience or a speciallist).
  Sorry for my bad english.
  Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your question.  There at least two possible causes for your pain
1. Osteo-articular: namely, a chronic inflammatory process affecting your
hip joint, thus causing the localized discomfort.  It is however less
common for such local processes to cause pain/discomfort spreading to the
rest of the body.  The "cracking" sound that you hear is probably from the
the hip joint, but it might not be the only cause of the pain.  A plain
X-ray of the hip region would help in the evaluation of this particular
2. Neurological: such as compression of the nerve roots of the lumbo-sacral
region as the nerves exit the spine.  Pain symptoms in the lower back region
caused by such nerve compressions are quite common, and a proper evaluation
by a neurologist, possibly the aid of imaging studies (such as MRI scan of
the lumbo-sacral spine), and electrophysiological studies (such as EMG/NCS)
can greatly help in clarifying the causes of the pain.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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