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CHRONIC PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had an accident last year on March 7th 2009. I endured bulge disc on c6,7. In January I had another MRI due to severe pain, it revealed have Moderate Spinal Stenosis on c6,7, bulge disc with herniated disc on c,4,5,6,7, Facet decise on c7,T1, reversal of the lordisis. I had a nerve conducting study done two days ago, but have yet to get the results. As the doctor was conducting his nerve study( i have any strength in my hands, my fingers wrist, my elbows ankles knees, hurt every time i bump, rest or move them), he asked me if i was a diebetic, I said no, he said are you sure, and I said yes. he then asked did I have prior injuries, and I then told him my siuation. I am curios to know why he would ask me if I were diebetic, and what can be done with my situation. I went to an ortopedic but he will not make any decisions because he said the MRI was poor vision, and until I get another one, he reffered me to Aqua theorpy. I am going crazy and i also see a psychotrist.

I have my results from my test and it borderline slow sensory nerve conduction veiocity noted in the first second and the third finger wrist andpalm wrist segments of bothe median nerves.

Borderline prolonged terminal latency noted in the left median.

His diagnosis evaluate for neuropathy/entrapment syndrome. can someone explain the results as well... Thank You

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Well, people who have a mental health issue get in car wrecks too.  And sometimes pain can drive a person mad.  I've had lots of back pain from an accident, for now I just take my meds and live with it, altho took me a while to get the right drugs on board.  Your MRI is proof positive that there's no way you could be feeling normal.  I'm glad you will get a referral to a neurologist.
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Thank you Ggreg... You made me feel so much better. I called and made an appoitment to see my Doctor On Wed. I am going to ask for a referrel for the pain clinic as well as the Neuro. I am still waiting on my MRI for my Lumbar and Cevical again.

Ggreg, the pain I endure on a daily basis is crazy and its sad that I have gotton use to it. It is a constant reminder that I was hit, and parked in a parking lot. The car hit my SUV so hard it moved it 16 feet, and I hit someone parked next to me. It started as a bulge disc on c5-6 and a year and 4 months later, its getting worse. Is it gonna stop. My doctor has said he referred me to aqua theorpy.. Nothing yet... They try to give me massages, and that does not feel good. I have a ten, and it only works for a minute. I am just sick, and I am ready to do what I have to do in order to feel better.

I see a psychiatrist, and they have diagnoised me with borderline personality disorder....
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Dear Jackie,
Basically the diagnosis is:  You got one tore-up neck, child.  And yes, you should be receiving medications for the pain you are experiencing.  A neurologist is the person who should be treating you at this point, preferably a group clinic.  Both MRI reports and the nerve study report should be forwarded to his office, so he'll have that.  I get the distinct impression that when the second MRI and the nerve study were done, they did not realize you had been in an accident.  So, when you visit the new neuro doc, the first thing out of your mouth should be, "I was in an accident last year, and my neck is getting worse."  Hopefully he will come up with a plan of treatment, medication, and a followup appointment.  If not, turn to your psychiatrist and unload all your miseries, hopefully she will at least help you in the drug department.  I do not like how your current docs are passing you around and not helping you, especially when any fool can see you got a major problem with your neck.
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Thanks for your concern. My MRI results read
Findings: Reversal of the normal cervical lordosis centered at the c4-5 level. Mild irregularity of the end plates of c4-c5 and c-6 seen likely degenerative in etiology.
c2-3: unremarkable on the sagitlal images.
c3-c4 posterior disc bulge with tiny central disc herniation and facet disease causing mild ritht foraminal narrowing.
c4-c5: Posterior disc bulge with a central disc herniation and facet disease causing mild spinal stenosis at this level. Foramina appear patent.
c5-c6: Posterior disc bulge with a central disc herniation mildly indentinting the ventral cord. Mild spinal canal narrowing. Foramina appear patent.
c6-c7: Posterior disc bulge with a central dissc herniation indenting the ventral cord and facet disease causing moderate spinal stenosis at this level. Foramina appear patent.
c7-T1 facet disease causing mild left andmoderate frght foraminal stenosis. This is likely secondary to an osteophyte.

Multilevel spondylosis superimposed upon reversal of normal cervical lordosis causing moderate spinal stenosis at the c6-c7 level as well as mild spinal stenosis at the c5-6 and c4-c5 levels. Foraminal stenosis as described above. There is facet disease causing probable moderate right facet disease at the c7-T1 level.

My Nerve conducting study read:
Borderline slow sensory nerve conduction veiocity noted in the first, second and third finger-wrist and palm-wrist segments of both median nerves.

Boredrline prolonged terminal latency noted in the left median nerve.

Normal sensory and motor NCV's with normal amplitudes noted in the other segments of tested nerves of both upper extremities. Tested nerves include both median, right ulnar and the right radial sensory.

The above findings are compatible with minimal bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome. The electrical findings are minor, and essentially confined to the sensory segments only. The remainder of the nerve conduction data is normal.

Diognosis: Evaluate for neuropathy/entrapment syndrome
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I saw your post earlier, and I just wanted to add my 2 cents. The reason he wanted to know if you were a diabetic is because diabetics often develop neuropathies.

I don't understand why the Doctors thinking neuropathy/entrapment syndromes, when its clear that you have problems in your neck.

Your description of your MRI report is a little confusing. You have Moderate Spinal stenosis at c6,7, bulge disc with herniated disc on c,4,5,6,7,  Do you have bulging discs or disc herniations at these levels, there's a considerable difference?

Could you elaborate on your symptoms a little bit, do you have neck pain, upper back, shoulder and arm pain, tingling?

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Hi, Thank you for your question. I think your symptoms may be due to nerve irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because of cervical disc bulge. This pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head & shoulders (as electric sensation), arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Other symptoms may include vertigo, nausea (dizziness) and stiffness. It will be best that you consult a neurologist who would like to prescribe Pain killers, steroid and muscle relaxants. Other treatments could be cervical orthosis such as a soft cervical collar or stiffer neck brace to restrict neck movement till you get complete recovery. In addition, cervical traction may also be suggested by the doctor, if condition is severe. Hope this helps.

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