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CMV, projected neurological outcomes

  child 4 1/2 with congential cmv- are there any projected neurological outcomes?  Already dx- developmental delays, disruptive disorder, severe adhd that does not respond to stimulant medication.  What is next?????  Physician says pointless to do MRI- they know he is experiencing "disfuse brain involvement".  Is there a road map out there showing the effects this virus has on the brain andwhat a parent can possibly espect in the future? thanks-Dianna
Thanks for the question and sorry to hear about your difficulties. CMV is most common congenital viral infection and results from either primary infection from the mother or from reactivation of virus in the mother. Almost all newborns with CMV are asymptomatic. Most asymptomatic newborns with congenital CMV infection develop normally; only 10% have deafness or microcephaly (small head size). The mortality rate in symptomatic newborns is 20-30% and can result in severe neurologic problems. MRI scans may reveal perivascular calcifications. How was your child diagnosed? The long term outcome is difficult to predict for each child. An MRI scan may be reasonable to rule out other pathology. Good luck
There is a CMV association called Clinical Care Center
CMV Registry, Ste 1150
1102 Bates Street
Houston Texas 77030-2399
713 770 4387
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