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CSF LEAK, running from left nostril

I've been having headaches everyday, several times a day.  When I wake up in the morning, I have headache.  When I get up, the headache becomes worse and clear liquid starts running from my left nostril.  Runs or drips from left nostril when standing and sitting.  Runs down my throat when I'm laying down.  I have stabbing pain shooting in back of my eye balls.  The left side of my face is tingly.  I have transient visual and left ear problems.  When I'm standing or walking, sometimes my left ears acts weird.  My voice sounds like an echo my ear feels like it's closing up.  Sometimes when I'm standing, I see dark large dark spots.  When this happens to my ear and vision, I feel week and have problems walking.  When I lay down a while, it stops.  I think I have tinnitus.  Started hearing this cricket sounds about a year ago, however I hear the cricket sounds 24 hours a day now.  I have problems going to sleep because of the cricket sound.  I listen to soft music or turn the fan on to help muffle the found.  Sometimes my right arm will jerk to the side.   A year and half ago, my right leg and right arm became limp and I had to drag my right leg and could not lift up my right arm very well.  I went to ER because I thought I was having a stroke.  They did not think I had a stroke.  I've been having short and long term memory problems.  Having problems with my penmanship.  Sometimes I cannot write ledgeble. (sorry my spelling has gotten bad too)  I have Hachimoto's, Transient low blood pressure. Transient Low blood sugar.  I appreciate any help in finding out what's going on.  Thank You
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Sorry to hear your problems.

Your symptoms don't make sense to me. Headache when standing up can be a spinal csf leak. Tinnitus as well. But csf leaking out from your nose points to a cranial csf leak which does not cause any headache. Unless the leak is caused by too high intracranial pressure because too high pressure cause headache, typically headache that is worse in the morning and worse when lying down, and can in rare cases also cause cranial csf leak.

The numbness sounds more like a tia or a blood vessel malformation or maybe a small subdural bleeding (less likely).

So your symptoms are not consistent, they point in all directions.

Have you checked the liquid coming out of your nose that it really is csf?
Have you had a brain mri or ct scan?
Have you met a neurologist?

Here is what i would recommend:
Do a csf test of the liquid from your nose.
Do a brain mri, preferably with gadolinium contrast to check for signs of too low pressure. Then you will also know if you had a bleeding, infarct or tumor etc.
Do a MRA to check for blood vessel malformations in the brain and cervical spine.
Do a mri of the spine.
Check blood pressure in both arms, they should have the same pressure.

But most important, do some kind of brain scan first to check for too high pressure, or go to an eye doctor, they can also check for this by looking for edema in the eye bottoms.

Also try some headache preventive drug like propranolol or amitriptyline. Ask your doc.

I got to tell you, since your symptoms point in all kinds of direction it really smells like migraine to me. Migraine has the ability of disguising as all other headache diseases. However, in your case migraine must be a diagnosis of exclusion. So I recommend that you have the testing. But also start with the migraine preventive drugs to see if it gets better.

You must see a good doctor about this.

Good luck!
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And visits an ear doc too of coarse..
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