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CSF Leak/Post Spinal Headache

I had a Lumbar Puncture done a few days ago (Monday) as a follow-up after and abnormal MRI.  Other than tired, I felt fine when I left the hospital. Later that evening I had extreme head and back pain and went to bed early. The next day I was miserable and stayed in bed all day assuming that I would feel better the next day. Today, I am still miserable. As long as I lay down I am okay, but if I try to sit up for more than a few minutes my headache and back pain return. I have been drinking lots of water and beverages with caffeine as directed by my doctor. How long is this going to last and is there anyway to speed up the recovery process?
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I had a L5 S1 fusion done Feb 17th 2011 and I found out that the facets were broken on both sides. My doctor doesn't know how long they were broken or how much damage was done.
When I woke up after my surgery. I started complaining about a severe migraine and started vomiting. I have had the migraine for a month now. I keep getting worse and more symptoms keep showing up. Well I had an MRI done this past Wendsday and it showed I have spinal leakage. All they have done is give me a back brace and told me to lie flat. I won't hear from my doctors until Monday. I don't know if I should go to the ER or not. Does anyone know of anything else I can do to help ease up this headache and the dizziness, blurriness and cloudiness in my eyes? I am drinking plenty of fluids. I don't know what else to do.
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I spent 5 days on my back in hospital because my neurologist didn't want to discharge until the headache was gone. I had back spasms and pain as well.
I had a physio work on my back to get rid of the spasms and I took painkillers for the pain. I was loaded with fluids via a drip but that didn't work so I had to get the blood patch done which I might add is so much worse than the lumbar puncture itself.
If I was you, I'd contact your neurologist because it has already been quite a few days since you had it done.
Take care
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HI...when I had a leak I was told 5 days...to lie flat...I know it is not easy and those HA's r murder..hang in there, mine did resolve on it's own and I did not need to have a blood patch....but, u must lie flat, and drink plenty of water and caffeine.....it is not easy to eat lying down, but I did by rolling to my side....stay down.

I pray ur leaks seals on it's own soon

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Hi there. You are suffering from post dural punchure headache which occurs due to leakage of cerebrospinal fluid from the dural punchure site. This pulls the adjoining pain sensitive dura and dragging sensation of pain. Treatment includes plenty of oral fluids, strict bed rest, caffeinated drinks, over the counter pain killers, and epidural blood patch in resistantcases. This is done by injecting about 10 ml of the person’s own blood in the epidural space one space higher than the dural site which clots and seals the hole causing csf leak. Consult your neurologist for assistance. Takecare.
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