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  Dear Doctors; Could you please tell me what the reference "CSF pooled neut 100H" means, and it's significance, if any. Thanks.
Dear Pamela,
I am not very clear on the question but it sounds like
it is a description of a csf (cerebrospinal fluid, fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord), pooled neut may mean pooled neutrophil which is a type of a white blood cell. and 100H may ;mean 100 of them, H stands for High.
THis is all speculation because I have not come across a report as such,.
The common report on CSF (routine exam) include:
Glucose, Protein, White Blood Cell, Red blood cell, color,
some culture and gram stain to look for bacteria.
The first four are reported in number with a range of normative values.
An L or H next to the number means Low and High respectively.
Ihope this helps, if you have further info pse post a follow up question.

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