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Hey, I went to the Neurologist today and he thinks I have Reflex sympathetic dystrophy. I do not get why I would have gotten this from such a simple surgery.  Could you tell me about RSD and how they think I could have got it.  Thanks so much

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Hi Sam,
I think I should tell you about this nine year old child, who was apparently normal and playing around. He was having fever and headache, was asked for an LP. After a Lumbar Puncture was done, he started having pain in his knee. Being a basketball player, he went on to play in spite of knee hurting. Since then he is been having continuous pain in his knee which comes and goes. This child is diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.
What did you understand from the symptoms of the above mentioned child? Does it sound like yours?
Well to tell you about RSD, here the patients live with constant and severe burning and/or deep aching pain. Usually it is related to trauma or injury, but in lot of cases there is no apparent reason as it is in your case.
Many a times patients are not been understood properly by family members, health care workers and medical professional's. Often they are been told that there symptoms are in head.
In actuality, the sympathetic nervous system is in heightened alert state. Even the gentle stimulation of a light breeze on the skin creates tremendous pain.
Burning or aching pain in one or more extremities is the first sign of RSD.
The pain discourages movement, which leads to disuse muscle atrophy.
There are some who complaints of stiffness, hence making it difficult for them to initiate movement.
The stiffness can be alleviated with a sympathetic nerve block.
What is the treatment going on for you and what have the doctor's planned?
Is there any improvement?
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The only symptem i have out of them is is pain.  I went to my dr. again yesterday and he said that the nerve test came back good so there is no nerve damage.  He doesn't think it is RSD any more.   He is still confused on what it could be.  He said my motor part of my nerve is working good must the senses of the nerve aren't.  It has gotten worse sense the last time I talk to you.  I have been getting shooting pains in my hand.  I still get bad tingling when i extend my arm and starts at my armpit region. I have also been getting pain in my anterior lateral part just below my elbow.  I cant put any pressure on it.  I am starting physical therapy probably monday.  Should there be any reason for me to get a MRI.  I hope you have some more idea of what this could be. Thanks
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I just your saw post.
If the motor part of your nerve is working fine, that indicates there might be some sensory nerve damage. What was the reason for your doctor to think of RSD? Did you suffer any trauma? Have any injury been treated and inspite of all measures you still continue to have pain?
MRI might be helpful to see any compression of nerve in your arm. MRI is helpful in seeing soft tissue structures in the body.
I think there is some kind of peripheral nerve damage. Cause of nerve damage can be anything like trauma, any procedure done on hand which has injured some fibres of nerve.
This pain if due to loss of some fibres in nerve, then it will take time for it to get better. Nerves outside the spinal cord which are not damaged completely grow at the rate of 1mm/day.
Hope this helps.
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      I want to get a second opinion but my family dr. will not call the place for the appt.  I need a referral to get into the place where i need to go.  Its the KU Med center in kansas city kansas.  The dr. who did the surgery, keeps tellin me that its ok and it will get better.  But its been 5 weeks and its getting worse.  What should i do?
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Hi Sam,
I think you should be seeing another neurologist and an orthopaedician which ever is earliest possible.
You need to continue on pain killers and if required you can increase the dosages.
You also require physiotherapy to continue to avoid any disuse atrophy of muscle. As you are feeling pain, you would be hesitant to move that limb and hence mild exercise is required.
Cryotherapy and warm fomentation can be helpful.
If you are thinking it is still RSD, then the pain is related to RSD and there is no sure for that.
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Thanks for responding.  My family dr. talked to the surgeon today and he told her he thinks its nerve damage from the block.  He has never once said that to me, when i asked him if that could be possible he said no.  That was kinda weird.  I am going to the KU Med center in kansas city to see a neurologist.  I will let you know how everything works out!...  The pain killers I am on do not help at all, my dr. told me no when i asked him about the nerve meds. like lyrica.  The reason he said no is cause it makes you sleepy, well pain meds can do the same as that... Its just a weird deal.  Thanks
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Hi Sam,
It is indeed weird and makes us feel surprised regarding illogical thoughts of learned people.
What I want for you from your family doctor is to review the pain meds.
I want him to start you on 2-3 pain meds at lower dose and space out over a period of 24 hours.
No two medicines should go at the same time.
This regimen or plan helps a lot.
You would find difference within days.
I hope the best for you.
Keep me informed.
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What type of pain med should i take.  I have 5mg of percaset (sp)....  would those work
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