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Can Full Blood Count Test Detect Cancer?

I had a full blood count test (among other general blood tests) done as I have not been feeling well lately, and am starting to get worried that I may have some sort of cancer. But my results came back perfect and my doctor told me that if I did have some sort of a tumor or cancer some of my results would have shown something suspicious (i.e: an elevated white blood count). Is this true? My symptoms for the last three months have been neck pain / pressure which comes and goes, pain behind my nose which comes and goes, a feeling of pressure in the roof of my mouth which comes and goes, occasionally burning eyes and a burning feeling up my nose, and sometimes a full feeling on top of my head and a lsight headache. It feels like the begining of a cold, but when I wake up the next day I feel perfect, only for the symptoms to gradually get worse as the day progresses. Then once again, when I wake in the morning I feel perfect, until I start to feel like its all coming back again. I have been to see several doctors. One said infected adenoids, one said tension headache and another said maybe sinus blockage / infection. I am starting to wonder if its something in my neck and the pain is referring to my face??
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I have similar issues and the doctor i saw at the headache center wrote a prescription for "nasacord" (sp?). She said it is anti-inflammatory and although a steroid does not get into your blood stream. A natural alternative to try is "sinus buster" you can get it off of Amazon. This might help the sinus type discomfort you are feeling.
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It is true. If you had some type of cancer, it would show something in your bloodwork. There would be abnormal counts, usually white, but sometimes red and/or platelets.
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I know exactly how your felling,except i have a swelling under my chin,but your symptoms are the same as mine and my blood tests all came back ok..i now am awaiting an appointment to the ent specalist unit...i wondered the same,if any cancer would show up in the bllod count!!
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hi, i have a similar problem i have had swollen lymph nodes, painful neck, earache, and have been on antibiotics twice in the last 4 weeks. at first they said i had a throat infection, then i got oral thrush so was treated for that, now i have a water infection, so the antibiotics have been fighting the infections but my symptoms in my neck dont go away.  i went to my dentist as i have also noticed a small lump under my tongue whilst i have been poorly these past few weeks, he has referred me to the hospital now to see someone there to find out what this lump is.  I also have had a fever for past few weeks, tiredness, the painful neck and generally feeling unwell.  I had a full blood count done a couple of weeks ago and a test for glandular fever and apparently everything came back fine.  they also did a swab in my throat and that is fine.  now i dont know what ot think is wrong.  i keep panicking thinking it may be cancer. and i am very scared!!!  but would this show up in the full blood count or not?  Now i just have to wait for my appointment at the hospital.
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Hello, I just joined the forum and was looking up some things that I feel are wrong with me and came across your post from many moons ago.  I have these same issues ( I mean same exact issues) and was wondering if you ever got this resolved and what you did?  Its funny I've been telling my doctor and all she says is Allergies.  Some days its worse thatn others and some I have no issues.  More so than not i have this just about every day and am beginning to get pretty worried, I have 3 children 1 of which is pretty young and would hate for me or the docs to miss something and me not be here for her.  If you can shed some light that would be great.  Thanks!
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my brother in law had a cbc full blood count. he had a large number of white blood cells in his labs. they thought he had lukemia. they did a bone marrow biopsy or what ever they call it when they test his bone marrow. but the test came back that he didnt have lukemia. they put him on meds to control his blood cells. but then the red cells became out of wack either too high or too low when put on the medication. im not sure what its called. all im saying is if you get a high result of white blood cells in the labs dont panic yet. it may be nothing. so yes to answer everyones question if you have a lot of white blood cells or something not right  in your labs it could be a sign of cancer. so if your labs came out normal your fine.
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after reading the initial post of various symptoms,headache, sinus, pressures, irratated eyes,which sound very similar to the effects of mold or mildew exposure. may want to research. wont show on any tests. mentioned when you wake up you are fine. do you spend your days else where? i experienced very similar symptoms while renting a house. when i was away for the day i was fine. once at home with in a few hours i would feel symptoms. after an extent of time symptoms worsened and increased. it was nasty.
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Iv bin Not well for 9 months now. It's started with a little pain in my head when driving I then felt drained and down 1 side if body pins and needles and in face then started in burning in my head, my doctor sent me to c a consultin at hospital thought I ad a stroke, did tests and brain scan I didn't, when i feel bad I get a rash everywhere my joints av started hurting now and since Christmas day Iv bin sick and ended up in A and E they did blood tests come back normal I tav also seen neurolist who did blood test only thing he found was I ad low count of wer ur anumune sytemn is fightin nervous sythem I can't go on much longer with all this. Is this happenin to any 1 else
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In response to the last post, I know exactly how you feel. I don't have the same symptoms as you but I have been ill and not feeling right for several months now. I know my own body when its not well and numerous trips back and forth the doctor has revealed nothing. 3 blood test have been done and shown nothing! I have had chronic diarrhea for the past 4 days so my doctor has taken a stool sample and a urine sample which will hopefully show something. There is nothing worse than looking and feeling ill but not knowing what is causing it. Im not giving up though and you shouldn't either, there is a answer out there somewhere.
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I am in the same boat.In last 3 months I have been through 3 blood tests and 2 ultra sound and all came back fine, I had few swollen lymph nodes ( which are gone currently) night sweat, body pain , weakness etc some scary symptoms.But nothing is showing up in report. I have been through several doctors and one specialist and they all feel I am little low in iron ( not too much) and everything else is normal. I don't know how it is possible!!

Unfortunately I have read and heard cancer is only obvious when there is big mass or tumour found and they can do biopsy..till then wait and watch!! How pathetic!!
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4 the last couple of months ive been getting a stinging pain in my calf ive been the doctors twice about it and had all blood tests done which all came back fine but lately ive been feeling ill and gone off my food im going back to tho doctors tomoz as i think i have something bad but would this have shown up on the tests? I am a hypercondriate and my partner says its all in my head! Please someone help and give me advice!
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Read up on fibromyalgia
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