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Can Growth Spurts or Puberty Cause Seizures in Boys?

My son is 12 and since February has been having seizures that are progressively getting larger in size & nature.  He is unaware when he has them, but says he has a strange feeling afterwards that tells him he's had one.  He's had a CT scan (due to some falls) and they came back normal.  He had an MRI and it found nothing either.  We had a 4 hr. EEG and although he didn't have a seizure that was visible, spikes were detected.  That being the case we're both being admitted for a video-EEG this coming week for 4 days!  My son has these when asleep or awake.  He never knows when they're coming on & has injured himself already a few times from falls.  He does not lose conciousness, but does lose awareness.  After it's over (2-5 min), he slowly returns to business-as-usual.  I have researched & found nothing online that speaks about puberty & seizures in male-development, yet a teacher of his suggested that his body may be "freaking out" cuz he's grown nearly 6 inches in less than a year!  Can anyone tell me if you know a relation between growth-spurts & epilepsy?  Or puberty & epilepsy in boys?  We want to know what's going on and how to treat it successfully, as anti-seizure meds (valproic acid) isn't helping.  Please reply ASAP!
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The best part of the diagnosis is nothing is detected in CT scan, MRI. That clearly shows that he does not have any major anomaly in the brain.
I have to tell you that puberty or growth spurts are not related to Epilepsy.
Some children have them with high fever and many causes are unknown.
They decrease by themselves and giving Valproic acid/Phenobarbitol depending on the diagnosis is the best way out.
Please visit a good neurologist and follow up on EEG.
Absence of any activity will not rule out seizures thou.
Take care of your son and let us know if you have any more queries!
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Thank you for getting back to me about this.  We are checking in to Lucile Packard  at Stanford today for our 4day/3day getaway (a.k.a. Video EEG).  I pray that info will be shown to answer our questions & give us a direction.  

So far Valproic Acid is not working.  Also, his seizures are getting larger (but not necessarily longer).  Now he seems to be starting to hold his breath in between the initial seizure & what he calls his "after-shock".  (When I notice this, I usually give him a little tickle which gets him to inhale.)

I had one question regarding your comment: What did you mean by "Absence of any activity will not rrule out seizures thou?"  Thank you for your reply.

Azeem's Mom
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I just posted a comment of our outcome on the epilepsy forum section.  Take a look at what they found out...
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"Absence of any activity will not rule out seizures thou?"

What i meant by this is EEG is not a conclusive test and even if you do not get anything positive in the EEG test, your child would still be possibly having seizures!

Take care!
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found out they were non-epileptic seizures...no meds will work, just therapy & stress-reduction.  i think kids (especially boys) as they begin to mature don't know how to express emotions as well as they did when they were little.  on the link above is another woman who had a similar experience with her son.  take a look...you may find this interesting being an MD.
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I found it interesting that he said epilepsy and puberty are not related when almost every pamphlet I picked up on epilepsy has says its still quite up in the air not proven but there are cases of seizures starting and stopping at the point of sexual maturity.  I had grand mals around 10 until I was about 17.  Not frequent but enough to get the idea of when they were coming.  I havn't had them since 17.  Never was taken to the hospital for them(please refrain on commenting on my parents parenting skill trust me I know I was there.)  The other day my 10 year old son said he had to sit because he felt funny.  Said his legs were rubbery and his lip was quivering.  I knew that feeling all to well.  It didn't turn into anything I made him sit with his head bbetween his knees and the feeling went away.  Happened a week later still nothing.  I will be taking him in soon  It wil be interesting though scary to see if he goes through what I went through. Only of course I will seek medical treatment for him.
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