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Can Nortrityline cause extreme tiredness and fatigue when Work out?

I take nortriptyline (20 mg) for vestibular migraine and found since I started taking it I become really fatigued and tired right after workout. Could this be a side affect.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We thank you for your question.  We're glad you found something that helps your migraines but unfortunately, this sometimes also has side effects.  There are quite a few associated with nortriptyline.  You only experience these though primarily after exercising?  One area that may be affected with you is hydration and perspiration.  These are on the list of side effects.  https://www.drugs.com/sfx/nortriptyline-side-effects.html  I would talk to your doctor about this.  Ask in general terms but also if increasing your hydration during a work out would potentially help you.  Is this the only time you have fatigue?
Not the only time but its at its peak.  There are certain times of the day it happens but the work out enhances the tiredness and fatigue. I hydrate quite a bit and am not working out at the level of sweating much at all.  1/2 hour push ups and bicep bands and other days two mile power walks.  I would love to work out harder.  Right after the exercises I need to take a 15 minute nap and then it goes away.  I have a follow up visit with the neurologist in several weeks.  I will ask then.  I am not short of breath.  
One of the major side effects of this is fatigue in general - I had to stop taking it for this reason - but give your doctor a call. Maybe something else is happening, or they can help with a work around.
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Hey there.  This is new?  I'm wondering if you take a vitamin or anything?  I had similar issues as you and I found that I was having highs and lows due to caffeine.  Which once i gave that up, the lethargy and fatigue after working out and at other times was less.  I also found I needed to work on nutrition and a good multi vitamin helped.  When you look at the side effects of the med, they do have a good amount.  How long does the tiredness last after?
The tiredness and fatigue Last about a half hour  
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