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Can Someone Help?

This may be a little long, so sorry if it is.

I have been feeling not "right" for years. I'll list my symptoms then tell briefly about my doctor.

-Dizzy/lightheadedness. Kinda feeling like I'm not all there. This is associated with nauseaousness.
-Forgetfullness. I know what I'm going to say or write then I blank out and forget. Also forgetting words to things.
-The feeling like food/beverages are getting "backed up" in my esophagus and coming up the back of my throat.
-Abdominal sensitivity. Poking it, pinching, grabing, etc... hurt there more than anywhere else on my body.
-Occassionally when I lay on my stomach I can feel "things" moving around. Like maybe food moving through my intestines.
-Occassional blurred vision and not being able to focus. Tired eyes, light sensitivity, and dryness. Also in the corners of my eyes and the tear ducts sometimes burn. Red, irritated eyes. (thought to be an eye allergy to contacts, redness gone after treatment)
-Constipation/diahrea. Not bad diahrea though.
-Moody and irritable
-Loss of sex drive
-Increased facial hair as well as other places where hair was not a thick.
-Sensitive genetalia and occasional internal pain with intercourse.
-Feeling like I get out of breath too easily. When I move one way I can feel the air escape my lungs, like they're compressed. When I start breathing too hard I get lightheaded and feel like passing out. Never have though.
-I feel like I stumble over my speech more than normal
-A lot of acne on face, neck, and back despite acne cleansers (I know probably has nothing to do with it)
-Abdominal pain that moves. Occasionally it is under my right or left ribs. Sometimes my chest or the middle of my abdomen under my ribs. Occassionally it goes lower into my pelvis, but is not menstral cramps. Pain was so bad once that almost went to ER for it.
-Shoulder and neck pain. All over back pain. Knee pain
-Body stiffness, but mainly in legs and neck.
-My skin seems to be splotchy at least to me. It is splotchy red, purple, orangeish at times, but mostly red.
-My hands and feet are almost always cold
-Loss of balance ocassionaly.
-Ocassional headaches on the top of my head and back.
-Ocassional swollen fingers where I have difficulty removing my rings. Thats how I know they're swollen.
-Pain in my sinus area like its backed up or has pressure. That's where pain starts sometimes when I feel like I don't have enough air and am getting light headed.
-Excessive fatique. I never seem to get enough sleep.
-The right side of my abdomen seems to protrude more than the left.
-Jaw pain. Mouth/jaw gets tired when I'm eating. It also pops sometimes while I'm eating.
-I can't seem to build muscle mass/tone it. I have muscles, but can't seem to really build on them If you can understand. I also think I'm losing strength.

I think that all it. I know I had a lot of spelling errors sorry.

I asked my doctor about some of these symptoms and when I was naming them off he called me a hypocondriac, haven't been back since. Trouble finding a new doctor because I'm still under my parents insurance, have to find one that the insurance will cover, get referals to see specialists, and I think my parents have to ok the doctor,... Doctor did sinus X-rays, supposedly fine, no excess fluid. Did blood work for ulcers, again supposedly normal. When they did the ulcer blood work they forgot to run the blood panel so I don't know how all those levels are. X-rays showed no breaks or slips of vertebrae in neck and lower head. Gyno exams pretty normal except for HPV. Had tests to see if it is the cancerous type, it wasn't. Last pap showed HPV had cleared. Knee x-ray was supposedly fine.

If anyone has any suggestions on where to start to find answers I would greatly appreciate it. People think I'm nuts and maybe I am. I have been bitten by ticks long ago and who knows what else.

Please someone help me! Thanks!
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Many of your symptoms resemble Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS.
Read this information, and look at the list of symptoms:

Wishing you the best,

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I thought that I might have polycsystic ovaries as organs that are polycystic runs in my family, however, I did not know that that could cause that wide range of symptoms. I will be sure to ask my doc next time I see them. Can PCOS also be causing the lightheadedness, dizziness, and nausea?
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You may have several things going on, not just PCOS.
PCOS may be due to an underlying infection that disrupts the HPA axis (hypothalmus - pituitary - adrenal glands).
Some of the other problems may be due to that underlying infection.

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Do you also have random twiches, pins and needles,sweaty palms and feet, inner tremors and palpitations? how old are you?
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Yes, I occasionally have random twiches. Seldom have pins and needles feeling in hands and feet. Sweaty palms and feet, but mostly when I've been using them or when my feet are in shoes or under blankets. I don't know what inner tremors or palpitations you may be talking about. I'm 22
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I forgot to mention earlier that I also have gas, from both ends, but mostly the rear. And my hands have been cramping up and hurting like arthritus. Pain during intercourse moved from middle of abdomen just under ribs, to high on right side just under ribs, to low on right side in pelvic region. Laslty my left ear feels like the ear drum is flutuating and kinda sounds like there is liquid in there.
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You may check to see about your hormones! They could be out of wack. I suffer from all of these plus some... I have seen just about every kind of doc possible. Most of the symptoms did not start until after I had my son. I am 23 and my son is one now. Since I had him I have been diagnosed with Kidney stones from the pregnancy, Gastritis form H~Pylori...you may look into that. I suffer from very bad anxiety..it can do crazy things to your body. Sometimes i find that I wonder what is causing me to feel bad when a symptoms strikes and before you know it my legs and arms go numb and my stomach turn and before you know it I cant leave the bathroom. This sometimes last days! Anxiety can hit at any time..you do not even have to be worrying about anything. I also have polyps and cysts through my sinus's. It sucks but I think that my anxiety plays a big role....oh and my hormones. Def. look into getting an upper gi done and maybe see a Gastrologist about checking for gastritis. Look into a stress test and maybe checking your hormones...hope you get better soon. I feel you honey!
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There is also a rare disorder called porphyria that can affect both gastrointestinal and neuro areas.  There are several different types of porphyria's that can cause different symptoms including skin and hair.  Testing is very difficult.  My mother was recently diagnosed, after being told nothing was wrong with her and it was all in her head.  She luckily had a PCP who had seen simular symptoms in a patient 20 years prior and tested for it during a hospitalization.  It is a vary rare genetic disorder, but shouldnt be discounted.  Ask your doctor, and you can find out more about symptomology by googling porphyria and looking at the foundation's website.  Good luck finding something!
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Thanks everyone for responding! I really appreciate it!
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I saw a tv show about a man a little while back and he had some kind of abnormality where his body couldn't break down something that is in all food.  I think it was zinc, but I am not sure.  He got to where he had a rash on his hands and feet also and they thought for years it was a kidney disorder but it was a problem with his body breaking down the food he ate.  I wish I remembered what it was, it was really rare.  But alot of the symptoms you described are the ones he battled with for years before anyone could figure it out until he went to a specialist.  I will try to remember it and I will ask my husband to see if he remembers it.  He also got like these pinpoint things almost like splinters that were coming out of his hands too.  I sure hope you get to feeling better.  
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check your thryroid, glucose, and GERD.

good luck!
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