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Can narcolepsy cause body spasms?

Almost a year ago I woke up with a severe cluster headache that was 24/7. After a week of having this headache I started to have what were called "mini seizures" that started out as my eyes blinking/ twitching rapidly and sometimes my head would fall back.And then it developed into arm and leg jerking and body shakes. I remained conscious and aware of what was going on around me during them. I had never experienced anything other than your typical headache and I had no past medical issues except a mild concussion from hitting my head almost 11 years prior. I have no family history of seizures but I have a family history or migraines. I was on previfem for birth control (for almost a year before this started) and 50 mg of Zoloft for anxiety (for a year and a half).
I was diagnosed by a PA with pseudoseizures and prescribed Propranolol and Imitrex. My Zoloft dosage was increased to 100 mg. I started to have serious side effects due to this medication and was taken off of it a month and a half to 2 months later.
I have seen 2 neuropsychologist who have done testing and evaluations and have both said I am not suffering for pseudoseizures. They did however diagnose me with ADHD (impulsive) and Generalized anxiety disorder. They both said my anxiety is very mild and would not cause something like this to happen. They did say the left side of my brain is at the bottom of average while my right side is above average. Usually they are suppose to be fairly close together. There are other issues associated with what they believe to be brain damage to my left brain because of the medication.
I have had 2 EEGs taken, an EMU (for 1 night and did experience a seizure like episode during it), multiple MRIs and everything has come back normal.
My symptoms now include headache that's not always a cluster now its more of a major heaviness, excessive daytime sleepiness no matter how much sleep I get the night before, seizure like episodes, left eye twitching when looking to far off to the left, numbness and tingling in my right arm and leg, balance issues, confusion when I get extra tired, temporary memory issues usually during times when I'm extra tired, pain in legs when laying or sitting down that makes me have to get up and move them, sleep paralysis at night, doing everyday things with no memory of doing it, and "Hallucinations" where I'll see what looks like something moving out of the corner of my eye that's not there and causing me to feel a little bit of panic when I see it.
My neurologist isn't really sure what's going on with me. He suspects it's multiple things. He has me on a diet to try and improve my headache to see if anything else gets better. I've been on the diet for 2 months and the headache has gotten a lot better and I haven't experienced a seizure like episode recently. But nothing else seems to improve. He knows some of it could be related to the damage from the medications. He suspects I could have narcolepsy but wants to wait before doing a sleep test.
So knowing all of this could be multiple different things does anyone have any ideas what some of it could be? Or has someone experienced some of my symptoms? Could the seizure like jerking be a movement disorder or something else? Can you have narcolepsy and it cause body spasms? Any suggestions or ideas or stories would be very helpful. Thank you in advance!
Some other information about me that might be helpful: I am 19 years old, had a fairly non stressful life, and I never did or took any non prescription drugs.
The headaches started right around the time I quit my job where I was exposed to excessive amounts of a solution that was 65% acidic acid and the rest water in the air. I worked there for a little over a year. I was also exposed to a lot of black mold there. I don't know if that might effect or help diagnose what's going on with me.
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