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Can't get his words out, and very clumsy.

I have noticed in the last several years my husband has been having a hard time when trying to talk. he will start to say something, then once he get's a few words out he stops in the middle of his sentence. It's like his verbal skill's just leave him momentary. After a few minutes(most of the time, but not alway's) of frustration, he will find the words to try and say what he was meaning. Other time's in frustration he will just say never mind. He has been getting worse lately. Along side that he has become very clumsy. For example knocking over his morning coffee 4 times this week. Loosing his balance, and walking into things that have never been moved. Running into door facings, and forgetting he left a cabinet door's open. Only to turn around and almost knock himself out. The hitting his head on things is a serious problem that is getting so bad.  He sold his work tool box, because he would forget and leave a draw open, and bloody his head up almost every day.
either something is wrong, or the love of my life is becoming eat up with the dumb A**. The inability to finish a sentence is very frustrating for us both. In the last 2 years he has almost gone completely deaf as well. he just turned 53 yesterday, and I just don't see how getting a little bit older could be causing these extreme symptoms.
Anyone have an idea what these symptoms point too? I worry that sooner or later he may get seriously hurt. I tell him everyday not to get hurt at work, but he thinks I am teasing him. So... Any thoughts on all this?  It sure would be appreciated. Thank's, Clicksmama
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Did you find out what your husband's problem is?  I've been having the speech delay problem but not the clumsiness.
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Has he seen a physician at all?  He needs an MRI like yesterday.  If the MRI is clean/ok, then I would recommend an MRA.  

I am not sure if he has suffered a TIA/Stroke.  It sounds Neurovascular or Neurological in nature.  

What's his medical history?  Hypertension?  Suffered any severe head injuries in the past?
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I have same problem, MRI detected a large pineal cyst on my brain ,but so far they can't not determine  why I'm not in control of my voice that besides slurred speech makes me sound like drunken person ( embarrassing ) .i would  go to UNIVERSITY of MIAMI medicine school , to start new test and find why I can not speak properly . Your husband symptoms  are serious , please he needs an MRI for yesterday , go get a good  neurologist, not neuro- surgeon at this point . Blessings
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