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Carotid Arteries

Posted By r. Tashjian on October 02, 1997 at 10:25:20:

In a nutshell--48 yr. old mail with diabetes and neuropathy recently suffered a small
stroke, resulting Doppler showed excessive blockage in both carotid arteries.
However, 3 yrs ago had quadruple coronary by-pass during which nearly died
due to ARDS.  Recovered but neuropathy in legs worsened, put on morphine patch
several cholesterol medicines in addition to insulin, etc.  Subsequent pain
found blockage in legs in addition to neuropathy.  Stent placement tried
several times--never succeeded.  Several leg by-passes later, it is found
that the by-passed arteries have blocked yet again in three months time.
Cholesterol is under control with two medications and diabetes is not that
extreme.  No one can offer an explanation for why he keeps clogging and now
the carotid issue.  Will undergo an MRA and then surgery on the carotid
arteries.  This is a risk, obviously.  Insurance will not allow for second
opinion at Cleveland Clinic.  At his age, what could be the cause for this
excessive blocking and how will these carotid arteries not block again like
the legs did.  How many times can someone undergo surgery of this sort?
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