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Cervical spondylosis

The priliminary diagnosis from CTscan is cervical spondylosis C5-C7. MRI to follow.
While waiting for confirmation on the diagnosis,is there any therapy available to manage pain? Currently, NSAIDS and cyclobenzaprine are helping to moderate some of the symptoms but the intermittent acute pain is almost incapacitating.
I'm willing to try anything.
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have you tried pyhsical therapy? it helped me aot with the pain.

good luck!
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I began experiencing pain in 1996. I was officially diagnosed via MRI almost 2 years ago. I have tried nearly every option or suggestion you can imagine. My pain is chronic and severe. I was on a combo of lortab (10mg) 4x daily along w/methocarbonal and celebrex (or other substitutes of like meds)... lortab or hydrocodone work well but only for a short period of time...about 1-2 hrs...so not very effective overall...valium, i was very surprised, worked much better. i tried infrared and massage therapy and chiropractic care..felt good while i was on the table...but again, relief did not last....i decided that the doctors had over a year to figure it out..i popped thier pills and did everything i was told ( i had aprox 8-15 doctor visits a week!!!! for about 9 months) then i decided to take matters into my hands...i tossed the script bottles and decided to seek a better or at least healthier way of treatment.....for immediate, temporary relief, if you are experiencing inflammation, burning pain, numbness etc..try 2x strength fish oil supplements by NATURE MADE..i get them at the grocery store on the vitamin isle..i take 2 in am...2 in pm...or at lunch if it's an extra bad day...these are also good for your heart, i hear, and they work quick, like taking a pain pill....another great option wich works well is ALOE VERA GEL  NOT JUICE!!! you can buy lilly of the desert ALOE VERA GEL at your local health food store (you mix a little bit in whatever you are drinking or just guzzle it down) you'll feel quite a difference the following day...even better than that is to fillet a real aloe vera leaf and smash it into a glass of applejuice and eat up...this one dose can help for a few days, sometimes. (make sure the plant is 4 years or older) but for the best treatment.....??? get to an accupuncturist....i went 2 times...the first time, i had not been able to move my neck for several months..after 1 treatment i was able to turn my head to the left completely aligned with my shoulder before leaving the office!!!! on round 2, took care of lower back pain and sciatica which has not returned...then...by appt # 3...my insurance ran out (boo-hoo)...so, i have been doing research and studies have shown more than 50% cure rate for individuals with severe symptoms for more than 5 yrs (alot higher the earlier they catch it-like 92%) utilizing accupuncture (re-aligning qi with suction cups-or something like that) i found that info on the internet tonight but i am sorry, i don't have the link. I am so impressed with the previous results using accupuncture, i am going to resume treatments asap and would suggest this form of treatment rather than wasting money on scripts and doctors etc. and contining on in pain. Anyway, hope things work out for you, seriously, try the accupuncture, i think you'll be satisfied, and the cost runs $50-$120  a visit, depending on where ya go.
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You have to go to physical therapy ,chiropractors,spinal epidurals,I have after many years it has all failed to work.i have a heavy job.So in three weeks I will have spinal fusion c5/6 c6/7-with bone-plastic-titanium.I'm so sick of meds,my stomach hurts,I lost 28 pounds I can't eat or sleep.I have bone spurs and degerative discs,numbness in hands.I'm 53 years old.So try everything you can but stay away from Kadian(morphine)it at first was great ,then it started making me crazy,imagining bad things.Good luck.I'll write about my surgery after I have it and feel better.I'm having it on 4/9.
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