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Chiari Brain Slump?

Hi All.  This is Resa again.  I just got home form an appointment with my Neurologist.  My Dr. said that since the spinal tap procedures that he has done to reduce to my CSF pressure - one in April and one in June - have not been as successful as he had hoped to relieve my symptoms of continual severe headaches and numbness in my hands and feet, he feels like we should proceed with the surgical procedure to place a patch in the back of my head at my former ACM decompression site.  He says I am not only suffering from a slight elevation of the CSF fluid that I am extremely sensetive to but also from brain slump following the ACM decompression.  The elevated levels of the CSF fluid is not so high as to warrant a shunt and only seem to be because of the slumping of my brain causing me problems such as the pain, headaches, numbness in my hands and feet.  All I know is that I can't even do my own housework or enjoy life to any degree.  I have a degree of a headache at all times and if I try to do anything, even go to the grocery store, the headache gets out of control and I have to go to bed.  Has anyone had symptoms like this?  My Dr. wants to schedule the surgery in about 2 weeks and I am nervous.  Please someone reply back to me.
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  Hi, yes brain slump also known as cerebral ptosis happens as a result of the chiari posterior fossa decompression surgery when the NS chips away too much bone, this allows more of the brain to fall onto the spinal cord and brain stem.

There is a way for a chiari specialist to help u, they place a sling to hold the brain from falling down further and to allow the CSF to flow....

Once the brain is lifted the CSF levels should be ok, but the longer this continues the worse u may feel.

I invite u to join us in the chiari forum here on MedHelp we have had several members that had this issue, had surgery to resolve it....so it is possible.

Chiari Malformationhttp://www.medhelp.org/forums/Chiari-Malformation/show/257?controller=forums&action=show&id=257&camp=msc
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