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Chronic dizziness

Hi, I am 25 years old, I am a woman, and let me explain myself, I used to be the healthiest person in the world, I used to do a lot of exercise.. But one day, suddenly I suffered from lightheadness. I went with a doctor, and he told me that probably it was a stomach infection, so he gave me antibiotics, he gave me ciprofloxacin. I took it for 2 months also, and that medicine made me super sensitive for light.

I finished my treatment, and to not make my story very long, I have been suffering from dizziness and lightheadness apisodes for two years now. Here is the list of the tests that the doctors have done:
MRI of the BRAIN
10 Blood test
Diabetes test
Sight tests
More brain tests
Ear tests (they did me like 10 different tests, and the only thing they could came up with was: you definitely have a balance problem, but we dont know why)
OBGYN tests
Cardiovascular tests

I really am desperate, I dont know what to do. Every morning I wake up feeling great, but as the days goes by, I feel like my energy is being sucked by someone else. I feel very fatigues every day. I am sleeping like 10 hours a day. I cant help it, is like my body is asking for that sleep time. The weird thing is that every morning I can tell if its going to be a good day or bad day.

A doctor suggested me, that maybe I have a vestibular migraine. Because I have noticed that every time that I see those big white lights, I get so dizzy, that i feel that Im about to faint.. I have never fainted, but the feeling is so real, that I have to get out of those places with those lights..

Currently I am in treatment for allergies... A doctor saw my nose and my ears, and he told me that my only problem es severe allergies to somethign in the environment, and as I get nasal congestion, this makes my innear ear get inflamated, and thats why I get so dizzy... I dont know, for mw is the most accurate prediction... But I dont know if allergies can cause 2 years of dizziness ?? I am currently under allergies shot, its been only 3 shots, but I havent seen any improvement.


I am desperate, is horrible to be dizzy for 2 years, I feel like I just got off a boat or something, I need to get my life back, this is affecting my life now. I lost a job because of this, and now I dont feel like goign out, like before..

Please, if a doctor is reading this, please give me some advice, what else can I do?? Do i need another study?? Wwhat is happening to me??


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Hello Dear,
As your dizziness is unexplained the following might help you;
The key causes that lead to dizziness are;
- Sudden drop in blood pressure or dehydration which may inhibit blood to the brain causing lightheadedness.
-Anxiety, worry and apprehension
You can try some easy remedies at home like;
- Enhance maintaining balance by learning exercises from a trained physiotherapist
- Reduce stress
- Practice Aerobic exercises
- Develop a regular sleep pattern
- Treat the disorder which is causing dizziness
You should avoid diet drinks,tobacco,caffeine,take plenty of water to ensure the blood pressure does not dropdue to exercise, high stress activitie hot climate.
Try to relax ,forget all the anxieties,increase your confidence,meditation might help you.
Refer http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/remedy/Dizziness.html

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Thank you so much for helping me Dr., and for responding me. Thanks.

It makes sense the drop in the blood pressure, because when it happens, I begin to sweat cold.. Maybe I dont drink enough water during the day.

Yes, unfortunately  suffering this, makes you anxious, because you begin to think what is wrong? if every test says that i am healthy..

But every day, I try to stay always positive, I am sure that some day I will fin the cause, or this will disspear.

What are the benefits of the aerobics exercises for my case?

I read in another forum, of something called Candida, is like a virus or bacteria, do you know something about this??  I found a very interesting page about that. And what surprised me, its that it says that you can begin having that bacteria, if you take an overdose of antibiotics, like in my case.. that i took a lot of antibiotics.

Thanks for helping me!!
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Check into hpylori infection and reactive hypoglycemia. I know this is old, prayers that you have recovered.
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