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Chronic neck pain with cracking and grinding

This is actually my very first time asking a question with regard to my neck pain, so please bear with me.

A little history: I'm 41, with two children, a deployed husband, a few extra pounds (all in the midsection), and am about 5'1" and shrinking. I've had pain at the base of my skull/top of my neck for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have had a few concussions and whiplash (usually just from tripping and falling - my neck is so stiff, that it does not seem to have any 'grace' for an injury). I've also recently overcome two different cancer's within a span of 18 months -- a rare soft-tissue sarcoma (Desmoid tumor) in my abdomen 7/2009 and papillary carcinoma of the thyroid 1/2011. I am rebuilt with mesh and screws in my abdomen wall since the tumor took out my right rectus abdominus.....I tell my kids that it just made me bionic. :) Thankfully, I am in remission from both.
I've also had a variety of surgeries on my wrists for ganglion cysts and a breast reduction in the hopes of less shoulder pain.
I sound like a real winner, eh?
Unfortunately, my neck pain is getting worse. I have a cracking noise that is audible to others when I move my neck a certain way as well as a grinding. My shoulders are lopsided and one seems to be quite indented from the top. The neck issue also seems to be pulling my shoulders forward and inward -- making them (and me) smaller. To top it all off, I've been developing a lovely dowager's hump (this has been coming on for about 10 years).
So - what is going on?? I've yet to find a doctor that seems to take my issues seriously and have therefore stopped addressing them except for the cancer's. The pain is getting worse though and I am unsure of what kind of doctor to go to, much less finding one that just doesn't think I'm a hypochondriac.
Because I do not 'look' sick, I've found that I'm readily dismissed. ......and it is frustrating. I even had to fight to get both of my cancer's diagnosed.....as the doctor's kept sending me home.
If you have any insight, please let me know. I am willing to put myself out there again and try to find an answer to the pain, but really am clueless as where to even start.

Thanks so much!
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Also, I'd forgotten to mention that I am Vitamin D deficient, anemic and struggle with chronic exhaustion..... YAY me! :)
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seems you still didn't get any answers i am here because i also have cronic neck pain although i have not had the other issues you have just constant naggin pain and cracking in my neck nearly all the time.
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In the past month or so, I have started getting the crackling sound in my neck, pain, but not unbarable, I do water aerobics 4 days a week, so don't know if its from that are what, I am asking my dr in a week, if I find out ill relay the message on here for you....
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